Traducción de dance en español:


baile, n.

Pronunciación: /dæns//dɑːns/


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    • 1.1(act)

      baile masculino
      may I have this dance? ¿me concede este baile / esta pieza? anticuado
      • to lead sb a merry dance darle quebraderos de cabeza a algn
      • Any members who wish to perform a dance sing a song or entertain on the night are welcome.
      • The stage almost feels set for one of them to leap out of their seat, into the centre of the circle, and perform a dance or mime routine.
      • Likok Pulo means a dance from Aceh Island during which the dancers will perform a dance combined with traditional songs.
      • This emotion seeps out whenever I express myself, in my art, my dance, and my writing.
      • The team, which is currently all-female, performed a dance and cheer routine to open the event and to entertain the audience during the interval.

    • 1.2(set of steps)

      baile masculino
      danza femenino
      the dance of death la danza de la muerte
      • Wheeldon gives us a potpourri of their choreography, rather than fully developed dances that stand on their own.
      • That movie too did not do well at the box office but the dance sequence lingered in the minds of viewers.
      • Most of the dances include stamps, hops, squats, slides, and hip swivels, reflecting the occasion for which it is intended.
      • Headlands School pupil Samantha, 15, took part in the dance sequence accompanying the title song as well acting as a pupil of the stage school.
      • His father has asked him to help stage a series of dances in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh set to music composed by the king.
      • In that version, some of the choreographic dance sequence and all the motion were edited backward.
      • As they danced, the rhythm of the song and dance matched the rhythm of the music.
      • Bhavana plays the second leading lady, and has a dance sequence.
      • Paula Walsh took her first dance steps to the music of her dad Terry's band Triad.
      • The dance steps matched the beat as it sped up and everything intensified with complexity.
      • The instructions for the dances are also included at the end of the video for those who might like to learn the ‘steps’.
      • The deep and mystical quality of the dance and its inner rhythms have been captured.
      • He saw his opponent lose the rhythm of the dance and falter.
      • The only time the heroine actually comes to life is when Alba's body double takes over in the dance sequences.
      • The dance sequences shift in tone and energy to suit both the music and the dramatic context.
      • But the way things turned out is all the more poignant if you see the enthusiasm she brought to Bitter Rice, as well as the steamy energy of the dance sequences.
      • Gyrating, shuffling, mimicking birds and humans, pounding bamboo drums and stomping in rhythm, the men and boys play out a series of dances.
      • She continued like this for ages, always perfecting her last move and creating a new dance, a new rhythm.
      • But in this case what you saw was four couples and a suite of dances, a series of dances, maybe fifteen or so, quite a number of them and with just a man on stage playing the piano.
      • To make the melodies come to life, the Xavante choreograph dances in a series of highly formalized patterns.
      • The fifth suite has Japanese kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando executing a series of dances while Ma plays.
      • If both of these were smartened up, the film might not have been bad, because the dance sequences are outstanding.
      • Once there, they will perform a series of historic dances to music by the QuintEssential Sackbut & Cornett Ensemble.
      • Some of the best parts of the movie were the dance sequences which had a sweaty close-up liveliness that really set the mood of the bar.
      • If that contest also ends in a tie, then then each side picks one Justice to re-enact the final dance sequence from Flashdance.
      • Through a series of solo dances, representing different women, Borissova creates a melancholic atmosphere, reaching towards desperation.
      • A series of dances by warriors, Persian slave girls, and Polovtsian maidens followed one another in pounding rhythms.
      • The audience was treated to a series of dances and plays to celebrate the silver anniversary of the event.
      • Later the hotel's chefs took to the stage and made their own finely choreographed rendition of a dance and rhythm extraodinaire!
      • Tanusree Shankar, of the Ananda Shankar Centre for Performing Arts, choreographed the dance movements.
      • Playful and profound, Works' series of dances is accompanied by Owen Belton's original electronic score.
      • The special dance movements were choreographed by Pushkala Ramesh.
      • The first half was a traditional story and the second half a series of solo traditional dances.
      • The best dance sequence is probably the first, when Hayworth matches Astaire step-for step in a difficult routine.
      • When he was a sophomore, the dance instructor asked him to compose some music for a dance recital.
      • The film-makers decided to skip the sojourn to Europe or other foreign locales for filming the dance sequences.
      • Later, even critics lauded him for his agility in the dance sequences, little realising that it was a man in pain shaking it off, all for his fans.
      • The poem I wrote this morning - Barong Dance is about the link between the music and the dance in Balinese Dance dramas.
      • Along with this, just to pep up the guests were the dance sequences interspersed with the fashion show.
      • The music in Monsoon Wedding varies from traditional songs to modern Indian pop, and the dance sequences are sexy, passionate and joyful.

    • 1.3(art form)

      danza femenino
      baile masculino
      dance class clase de baile femenino
      • dance step paso de baile
      • Though no school specializes in teaching seniors to dance, many old people regard dance as their favourite activity.
      • Nair is a trained dancer in western classical dance, jazz, tap dancing and ballet.
      • Since dance is an evolving art form, most likes and dislikes are matters of personal opinion.
      • Having studied dance in the Betty Bible School of Dance, Aoife she was really looking forward to moving to the Rebel County.
      • The dance presentations are a creative mix, using motifs from various classical dance and also martial art forms.
      • Michelle believes that dance is a worthwhile activity for everyone.
      • She also trained in Russian classical ballet and lived in India, where she learned the classical North Indian dance, called Kathak.
      • Classical ballet and dance is not up there on the country's list of priorities.
      • Born in London to parents from Bangladesh, Khan learned the Indian classical dance of Kathak at the Academy of Indian Dance.
      • There are also plans for arts, dance and other cultural activities to coincide with the games.
      • Most spoke about how they got boys interested in classical dance and taught them to respect it.
      • With God's grace, I have maintained a strict discipline, and all thanks go to the art form of dance.
      • He started his career as an actor then studied dance at Stockholm Ballet Academy from 1972.
      • For 10 days, this town is inundated with cultural activities, of which dance is a big part, from classical ballet to flamenco.
      • Dowling is a member of the dance company Kryptic Movement, and studied dance at the Laban centre.
      • Yes, dance is a physical art form, but it's also a visual one.
      • The artist's grasp of the subject and the dynamics of classical dance movements are evident in the frames on display.
      • The beauty of classical ballet lies in adhering to traditionalist art forms of dance.
      • The movements are a combination of classical Javanese dance, martial art and modern fitness exercises.
      • As usual a mix of activities such as dance, storytelling, arts and crafts were organised to suit all age groups.

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    baile masculino
    (music) (before noun) de baile
    (music) (before noun) bailable

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (to music)
    to dance (in time) to the music bailar al compás de la música
  • 2

    dar saltos
    he was so happy, he was dancing (up and down) estaba que saltaba de alegría
  • 3literario

    danzar literario
    the flowers danced in the breeze las flores se mecían con la brisa literario

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (tango/waltz) bailar
    they danced the night away bailaron toda la noche
  • 2

    (person) llevar bailando