Traducción de darts en Español:


dardos, n.

Pronunciación /dɑrts//dɑːts/


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    dardos masculino
    to play darts jugar a los dardos
    • Visitors can choose to simply relax with a glass of beer, shoot some pool, or play a game of darts.
    • There was a billiards table, air hockey, darts, a TV with a DVD player and a Playstation 2, and a hot tub.
    • The close-ups reveal jaws and eyes that move with all the precision of a drunken sailor attempting to score a bulls-eye in a game of darts.
    • There were lots of stalls and games, including darts, skittles and a hoopla.
    • We put on suppers, card games, darts, seniors' activities, and dances, and also do weddings and receptions.
    • Continue playing games that involve numbers, counting and scoring, such as darts and dominoes.
    • I was the badminton champion and also excelled in darts, football and hockey.
    • Some time during the 19th century the chalk and dartboard replaced the cribbage board as the standard method of scoring a game of darts.
    • The English are also very fond of games, including snooker (a billiards game) and darts.
    • The evening consisted of three challenges, indoor bowling, darts and snooker.
    • Young people aged from 11 to 18 will be able to enjoy pool, darts, television and computer games at the new club which will be based at the village hall.
    • PUB regulars who keep alive games of darts, dominoes and shove ha'penny could be rewarded with a trip to New York.
    • Later they were again brought to the laboratory, but this time they could choose between shooting baskets or trying to score bull's-eyes in darts.
    • The British aristocracy, on expatriate imperial postings to African countries, learn the classic pub game of darts.
    • It might as well be the proverbial tiddlywinks, or as so deliciously happened when one of our own swept up the world title at that most athletic of English indoor sports - darts.
    • The dominoes, darts, pool and football teams are all going to move with Phil to his new club, which is now called ‘The Stanley’ club.
    • Sometimes we organise a games night, darts, table-tennis, cards that type of stuff.
    • A game of darts will take place in The Wood Cabin every Thursday night until Christmas with a first prize of a turkey and a bottle of whiskey for the runner up.
    • Members had a May sports meeting with indoor bowls, darts, snooker and cards.
    • There was also a wide range of traditional sideshow attractions which included darts, hoopla and a coconut shy.