Traducción de data en Español:


datos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdeɪdə//ˈdædə//ˈdeɪtə/


  • 1

    (facts, information)
    datos masculino
    información femenino
    to collect/supply data on sb/sth recopilar/suministrar información sobre algn/algo
    • We used grounded theory to guide sampling and collection and analysis of data.
    • The reduction in violent crime is evident in the raw data, before any statistical analysis.
    • Web surveys have reduced the cost of data collection and made data analysis more efficient.
    • All interpretation of data and analysis of statistics will then be carried out in-house by the Chamber.
    • The IMF insists that the Department of Statistics gets economic data together in a timely fashion.
    • These programs are used to edit and prepare the collected data for analysis.
    • In this section, we will discuss some details of our measurement software and the collected data.
    • The solution rested with data collection and analysis by a number of SPC member companies.
    • He cited a recent analysis based on data collected by a software company that was funded by a CIA-connected firm.
    • Evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data to inform decision making.
    • The structure of the database permits easy retrieval of specific mutation data for further analysis.
    • Using predominantly CPS files, I was able to collect statistical data on a number of variables.
    • With this book we try to bridge this gap and present real data and facts together with concepts commonly used in economics.
    • In time, more and more use will be made of statistical analysis of data to describe rocks that fall into a few named categories.
    • He notes that the pair provide graphs but no statistical analysis of their data.
    • She said the publication uses data from monthly opinion polls, statistical data, and an analysis of media reports.
    • The S Language is a powerful tool for the statistical and graphical analysis of data.
    • Police time will then be spent collecting together the data and providing statistics that indicate the ethnicity of those stopped.
    • Analysis of variance and Chi square tests were used for statistical analysis of data.
    • RTW collected the data, carried out statistical analyses, and reviewed the manuscript.
  • 2

    datos masculino
    (file) (before noun) de datos
    a piece of data un dato
    • data analysis análisis de datos
    • data analyst analista de datos
    • data bus bus de datos
    • data carrier portadora de datos
    • data communication(s) comunicación de datos
    • data corruption corrupción de datos
    • data dictionary / directory diccionario de datos
    • data disk disco de datos
    • data encryption cifrado de datos
    • data file archivo de datos
    • data highway autopista de datos
    • data input introducción de datos
    • data item dato elemental
    • data network red de datos
    • data processor procesador de datos
    • data recovery recuperación de datos
    • data retrieval rescate de datos
    • data security seguridad de datos
    • data sheet hoja de datos
    • While backing up data may be a minor chore for many, backing up vast quantities of data is a major operation.
    • With a day's diving complete, the team recorded their data in laptop computers and
    • The coherent light beams could lead to ultrafast computer circuitry that transmits data optically.
    • A query is executed in a computer to retrieve data from a database stored on a data storage device.
    • It's primarily designed to prefetch large quantities of data to help prevent processor stalls.
    • Radio signals send that data to a computer mounted on the handlebars for the cyclists to read.
    • The audit trailing of data is likely to multiply the amount of transactional data we store by a factor of two or more.
    • HP's wireless keyboards can transmit data to other computers in faraway buildings.
    • Some allow you to download stored data to your computer as a way of keeping track of your progress.
    • Argote gives the example of old recordings of film or data stored on magnetic tape.
    • WinBackup is designed to make it easy to perform regular backups of all or selected data on your computer.
    • The accumulated data is recorded and stored because the material flow must be traceable.
    • The transmitting modem translates digital computer data into analog signals that can be carried over a phone line.
    • Three playbacks are planned, to ensure that all recorded data are safely transmitted to Earth.
    • Spent the morning verifying health records and entering data in the computer; always a great joy.
    • An electronic tag containing an EPC on a microchip stores and transmits data to a reader.
    • From cassette tapes to disk drives, the most popular way to store data is with magnetic materials.
    • It can also monitor sales and store financial data on recording companies and rights-holders.
    • The data signal is stored in a first memory in response to the write clock signal.
    • Internet 2 continues to break astounding records for transmitting data.