Traducción de data terminal en Español:

data terminal

terminal de datos, n.



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    terminal de datos masculino
    • Even without the bonus of being able to sell more servers and systems, for the likes of HP and Compaq, the mobile data terminal market represents a huge opportunity.
    • Two sites in Czechoslovakia intercepted connections to the West German national police data terminals (INPOL-Netz) located in border police installations at Lindau, Bad Reichenhall, and Nuremberg.
    • We as signaleers plan, collaborate, engineer, organize, manage, and monitor through the information systems that we establish with our data terminals.
    • During flight operations, communications with the air vehicle are through the ground data terminals.
    • Each dock worker is equipped with a wireless mobile data terminal, or MDT, designed to speed up the loading and unloading process.
    • The company, whose market cap improved more than any other British corporation on the list, has benefited from aggressive cost-cutting, rising orders for market data terminals in the U.S. and Japan, and a turn in the markets.
    • The CentryII also interfaces directly with the Kenwood KDS - 100 mobile data terminal to provide complete fleet-management capabilities.
    • Reilly stopped in front of a data terminal and began typing out commands.
    • Image data is transmitted by a steered, 360 degree J-band video data link to the ground data terminal and then by cable to the control station up to 1 km away.
    • The LRIP system includes three air vehicles, two ground control stations, a datalink suite, remote data terminals and modular mission payloads.
    • This capability is a must because data terminal equipment such as laptops, small digital message terminals, digital cameras and other DTE exist in many cases down to the soldier level in our current and future force.
    • Four air vehicles are contained in each basic Shadow platoon, together with six Humvees, two ground control stations, four remote video terminals and antennas, and one portable ground control station and data terminal.
    • The handsets will also be used in conjunction with data terminals to enable officers to access local and national databases.
    • Lucent hopes to license the chip to manufacturers of wireless data terminals and smartphones.
    • A keypad and data terminal unit for the section level radio hopefully described as ‘arm-wearable’ turned out to weigh 2kg, claims the Telegraph.
    • The data terminal, containing the Globalstar radio modules, is the main unit in the system.
    • The NYPD does equip cars with mobile data terminals that can give patrol officers license, warrant and stolen property information, but the terminals are installed in just half of the fleet.
    • Eifler's information comes through Wireless Data Solutions's subsidiary Dinet of Oceanside, CA, a manufacturer of mobile data terminals and associated peripheral-type software.
    • The system includes two operator and system control consoles consisting of AN / UYQ - 31 operator data terminals equipped with bit-imagery memory displays.
    • Later, he co-invented both the hand-held calculator and the thermal printer that was used in portable data terminals.