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database management system


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    sistema de gestión de bases de datos masculino
    sistema de manejo de bases de datos masculino América Latina
    • VDS Object Database, now in its 6th generation, is the industry's only truly scalable, enterprise-capable object database management system.
    • According to Gartner Research, IBM is the leading vendor of database management system software based on new licence revenue last year.
    • MySQL is the most widely used open source database management system worldwide.
    • The company's web-enabled Oracle9i database management system has more than 9,000 users worldwide.
    • The MySQL database is a high-performance relational database management system for Web site and business application development and deployment.
    • PostgreSQL is an advanced multiuser, relational database management system distributed freely along with its source code.
    • Information flow can be reduced by selecting the information that is important in processes and eliminating the rest, and by effectively using group support and database management systems.
    • We then established a Web-accessible version using open source software Postgre SQL, which includes an object relational database management system.
    • We entered data into a relational database management system in Microsoft SQL server 7.0, which also incorporated intrafield and interfield constraints.
    • XML databases require all the elements that you would expect from a database management system: a query and transaction language; a way to build indices and data structures; and interfaces for other applications.
    • PROGEN is a Java application that accesses and maintains a relational database management system.
    • The responsibility of a multilevel secure database management system is to assure that each user gains access, directly or indirectly, to only the data for which he or she has proper clearance.
    • Indexing methods are used extensively by database management systems to provide fast query processing for users.
    • Most database management systems include tools to insure the integrity of the data they control.
    • The potential for data mining received a boost when businesses started storing data in data warehouses - a relational database management system designed specifically to meet analytical requirements.
    • SPIRES (initially, Stanford Physics Information Retrieval System, then Stanford Public Information Retrieval System) database management system was the product of brilliant programmers at Stanford.
    • The system proposed must be fully internet-enabled, run on a Wintel infrastructure, operate on a relational database management system, and support laboratory best practice.
    • Usually a digital library system with a large volume of data will apply database management systems to manage its bibliographic records, digital objects and Web links.
    • In the first phase of the project, data for - 1,300 taxa and - 3,800 images are currently being entered into a relational database management system on an IBM RS6000 at the University of Iowa.
    • Over the last few years increasing numbers of web sites have begun to integrate a relational database management system.