Traducción de datum en Español:


dato, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdeɪtəm//ˈdædəm//ˈdeɪdəm/

nombrePlural data


  • 1

    dato masculino
    see also data
    • The deterministic aspect of divine rule in Daniel is of one piece with divine determinism that permeates the Bible - and that appears to be a theological datum.
    • Statistics are used naively at best: the datum that gunpoint robberies rose 53 percent between April and November of 2001 is almost certainly a random fluctuation and not by itself useful to the argument.
    • A key datum for safe operation of on-track equipment and locomotives on railroad tracks is knowledge of which track a vehicle or locomotive is on.
    • Religious experience is the starting-place of all theology, the most basic datum with which the theologian has to work.
    • As noted above, multiple lines of evidence (‘total’ evidence) are preferable to dependence upon a single datum or technique.
    • Rather, Quine and Putnam take application as a fact - a sort of philosophical datum - and draw ontological and semantic conclusions about mathematics.
    • The claim that there is no analytic entailment from any natural property to any moral property is simply Hume's Law - a datum often supported through use of the open question argument.
    • Nietzsche's datum is very unlike that found in any other philosopher, since it gives primacy to our aesthetic experience, normally low on the list of philosophical priorities, when it figures at all.
    • Once overboard, the buoyant mine and its sinker separated but were held together by a chain set to the requisite length (for which accurate chart datum was required).
    • The time to resume operations is a key datum in probabilistic risk assessment.