Traducción de deacon en Español:


diácono, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdiːk(ə)n//ˈdikən/


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    diácono masculino
    • Strong organizations for priests, deacons, pastoral ministers, and other groups, including lay groups, are indispensable.
    • In our diocese most of the prison ministry is done by the deacons, with two priests who offer Mass on a regular basis, and two more my wife and I recruited as occasional fill-ins.
    • The spokesman said the Archbishop wanted a solution to the issues before almost 30 priests and deacons are ordained at the Minster later this month.
    • My denomination also speaks of four ‘orders’: bishops, priests, deacons and laypeople.
    • Ensuring that Father's Day wasn't purely a male celebration, three women were also ordained deacons by the Church of Ireland.
    • The Eastern Orthodox churches have always allowed their priests and deacons to marry before ordination, though not after, and their bishops must be celibate.
    • In certain respects, lay ministers and ordained deacons have an advantage over priests in counseling prisoners.
    • In fact Watson has been ordained a deacon in 1856 and he took priest's orders two years later.
    • Whitefield was converted in the spring of 1735, ordained a deacon in the Church of England in 1736, and preached his first sermon.
    • In 1984 he was ordained a Catholic deacon and is currently a member of the pastoral staff at St. Colman Parish.
    • Rachel T. Keeney is a seminary graduate and ordained deacon who currently ministers as a church secretary for a small urban congregation.
    • Whether we are lay or ordained as bishops, priests, or deacons, we are all called in our baptism to servanthood as the foundation of ministry.
    • Mr Blake said yesterday: ‘We shall be ordaining about 10 deacons and priests to serve in various parts of the church in the UK.’
    • While the Irish Church does not yet have married permanent deacons, they are present elsewhere around the world as ordained deacons in the Catholic Church.
    • In 1861, after some hesitation, he was ordained deacon in the Anglican Church but never chose to advance to full priesthood.
    • His eldest son John was ordained as deacon, serving as curate under his father at Llangeitho.
    • I remember many years ago attending the service when a friend was ordained as a deacon in her Episcopal church.
    • I give the homilies in our church, and we do workshops with other priests and deacons and Protestant ministers on this subject.
    • Eddie will be gaining pastoral experience while he works in the parish and hopes to be ordained a deacon in December and a priest next summer.
    • He studied theology at Cambridge University before being ordained as a deacon and priest in 1979.