Traducción de dead man's handle en Español:

dead man's handle

freno de seguridad, n.


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    freno de seguridad masculino
    • The inquiry will consider next week whether the train crashed because the driver, Herman Zeides, became incapacitated and the dead man's handle system failed to operate.
    • The aim of the dead man's handle was to protect the passengers, even in the worst possible case.
    • This prompted speculation that he may have put a bag on the so-called "dead man's handle" - the pedal which stops the train if the driver takes his foot off it.
    • DeadMan's Handle protects the information even when all else has failed - in the same way the original dead man's handle protected passengers on trains.
    • With a telephone box on the dead man's pedal, the train crested the grade and gathered speed until it went off the track.
    • He made frantic attempts to find some sort of ‘dead man's handle’ with which to shut the machine down and drop the platform, but could not.
    • It is NOT a stand alone device intended to be used as a ‘dead man's handle’; that is in a similar manner to the systems used in the rail industry to stop the locomotive in the event that the operator becomes incapable for any reason.
    • While moving between stations, they must remain seated with their hand on the dead man's handle, otherwise the brakes will come on automatically.
    • The applicant contends that if the train driver falls asleep the "dead man's handle" will pop up and stop the train.
    • As for vigilance control, also a dead man's pedal is mounted ahead of the engineer's seat.
    • I made a leap for the dead man's pedal & took the controls for some 50 miles.
    • Similarly, although technology abounds, the system that appears to get most usage - the ‘dead man's handle’ in trains - is said to be far from minimising the risk associated with becoming tired on the job.