Traducción de deadhead en Español:


pánfilo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛdhɛd//ˈdɛdhɛd/



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    pánfilo masculino coloquial
    pánfila femenino coloquial
    • When I was in high school, the students fell into many different groups: preps, jocks, cheerleaders, punks, deadheads, druggies, geeks, and all the rest.
    • She was stunned that her layabout deadhead son could produce such sensitive pieces and she was very encouraging.
    • I've been writing about Wez in my journal lately, the deadhead who lives downstairs from me and Adam.
    • Guess if everything went smoothly all the time we'd all be deadheads like Yevy accused me of being.
    • The idea that liberalism is something confined to a few deadheads on the coasts is a shibboleth.
    • Maybe a vengeful sibling of some deadhead kid who decided to try and abuse a program I had a hand in?
    • Weir reminds us of the power of each person: ‘If every deadhead in the state of Florida had voted in the last election, it would be a very different world today.’
    • You were a total deadhead in their eyes - and you knew that, too.
    • She seemed perfectly content to sit there and jaw away with this deadhead for the rest of the night if she had to.
    • We are left to speculate the girl is just a deadhead, and in her indecision, powers on, deciding to live in the future, never looking back.

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    (plant) quitarle las flores marchitas a