Traducción de deadlock en Español:


punto muerto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛdlɒk//ˈdɛdˌlɑk/


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    • 1.1(stalemate)

      punto muerto masculino
      impasse masculino
      to reach/end in (a) deadlock llegar a/acabar en un punto muerto / en un impasse
      • to break the deadlock salir del impasse
      • The deadlock was finally broken on the stroke of half-time with a Dean Howell back pass putting Gawthorpe under real pressure.
      • This was a much tougher game than the score suggests, and it took a slick set piece to break the deadlock.
      • The latest Norwegian delegation is unlikely to end the present deadlock and to restart the peace talks.
      • Deadlock ensued with a midfield battle that was seemingly getting neither side anywhere near their opponents ' line.
      • Three minutes into the extra period Avenue finally broke the deadlock.
      • The strike call was made following a deadlock in negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.
      • With Bridge-Wilkinson covering his back, the youngster's positive approach looked the best bet to end the tedious deadlock.
      • A long-running deadlock over who should clear up an unauthorised tip in Derbyshire has finally been broken.
      • The Government will make a final push this weekend to break the deadlock in the social partnership talks with all the main players warning it is now make-or-break time.
      • The NHL will now have what's called a shootout if the overtime period still ends in a deadlock.
      • With the teams failing to resolve the deadlock at the end of regulation time and extra-time, tie-breaker was applied.
      • In our 20 previous Women's Bowler of the Year awards, never had there been such a deadlock.
      • On the face of it the golden goal is the fairest and cleanest solution to a deadlock.
      • The one-day protest comes after Salga and Samwu failed to resolve a deadlock in salary negotiations.
      • The new German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at her first summit, helped break the deadlock when she said Germany would be willing to increase its contribution.
      • Bilateral relations have come to a virtual deadlock since the last ministerial talks ended in failure in November last year.
      • The wide man did play a part in the build-up when the deadlock was broken in the 33rd minute.
      • A good crowd of over 15000 grew more and more impatient as the game wore on and still the Amakhosi failed to break the deadlock.
      • Leading industrial relations mediator Phil Flynn will attempt to break the deadlock in the worsening dispute between 540 rural postmasters and An Post.
      • This document proposes a statewide land justice settlement to break the deadlock and actually produce some substantial benefits for many indigenous Victorians.
      • After several minutes of explanations, she realized that the groups had reached a deadlock.
      • Eventually, man of the match Declan Burke broke the deadlock.
      • The meeting reached a deadlock when Williams challenged Halley to have him removed by municipal security guards.
      • Five minutes into the second half the Derbyshire outfit broke the deadlock following a disputed free-kick.
      • Consequently, the teams failed to break the deadlock at half time.
      • From what we have seen so far in Congress, the deadlock is being repeated there.
      • As a result, they are looking to end the current deadlock by resorting to extra-parliamentary means.
      • Two of his fierce long range strikes almost succeeded in breaking the deadlock.
      • Chen took the initiative in approaching Soong to break the present political deadlock.
      • As for the prospect of possibly being the one team who can break the Southerns vs Western Province final deadlock, Fulton was non-committal.
      • Ballina and Castlebar Town Councils are due to hold further meetings in the coming weeks after initial discussions failed to break the deadlock between management and councillors.
      • We'll talk with two key members of the U.S. House and Senate about that stalled intelligence reform legislation, what it's going to take to break the deadlock.
      • "I detected in the president and prime minister a desire to resolve the present deadlock, " he said.
      • Bola netted the winner in OT after a 3-3 deadlock.
      • Although both teams created a number of late chances the game ended in deadlock.
      • Will the floodgates open now that Arsenal have broken the deadlock?
      • Technological advances in machine guns and artillery had caused such a stalemate on the battlefield that all parties involved were looking for ways to break the deadlock.
      • The agreement gives the UN special envoy the formal power to break any political deadlock.
      • On April 16, negotiators called in mediators to help break the deadlock, and the next day Taha returned to Khartoum to consult with President Omar el-Bashir.
      • After a 43-43 halftime deadlock, the Cavs took a seven-point lead.

    • 1.2US Deporte
      (in scoring)

      empate masculino

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    tipo de cerradura
    candado masculino
    • However, security and safety are amongst the best in its class, with airbags, a brake assist system, deadlocks, and an immobiliser on many models.
    • There is remote control central locking, with deadlocks as well as transponder immobiliser.
    • There are lots that we can do to help prevent burglaries, such as installing deadlocks on doors and fitting proper window catches.
    • While the building is occupied, the deadlock on the inner door should not be locked.
    • All outside doors should be fitted with deadlocks.
    • My car instructions warn not to activate deadlocks if people are inside, as it cannot be unlocked from inside.
    • All 21 vans are finished in red with the company's livery as well as being boarded out and fitted with deadlocks and roof-bars.
    • A full alarm, deadlocks on doors, we've got deadlocking bolts on all the windows and French doors around the house.
    • Fit five-lever mortice deadlocks or high-security rim deadlocks to external doors.
    • Standard security equipment has undoubtedly improved in recent years, importantly including deadlocks, electronic immobilisers and alarms.
    • In general, this means five-lever mortice locks or deadlocks on doors and locks on all accessible windows.
    • Following a Government cash boost, residents can now benefit from a range of new security measures, including the fitting of deadlocks to doors, window locks and grilles.
    • These include fitting an alarm, making sure deadlocks are fitted to outside doors and making sure valuables are kept out of view.

verbo transitivo

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    (discussion) estancar
    the negotiations remained deadlocked las negociaciones continuaban estancadas / en un impasse
    • The first, held this summer, ended in a mistrial because the jury deadlocked.
    • Three hours later, the nine jurors returned deadlocked, and half an hour later, Mohammed ordered the retrial.
    • The past five years have seen political stagnation with the government and opposition deadlocked, and the rotting away of the foundation of democracy has begun.
    • Arguably, the parties would have remained deadlocked if the Ferrelli Application had not been commenced, as the primary objective of the Cantelmi Application was to maintain the status quo.
    • The two sides are now deadlocked over wage issues.
    • The jury in Ventura, California, were deadlocked on one count of poisoning one of the victims.
    • Negotiations are practically deadlocked over agriculture, as they are over trips.
    • In 1992, negotiations on the new federal Constitution deadlocked over the issue of Slovak autonomy.
    • It is reported that 3,000 employees attended the meeting, convened after negotiations with management deadlocked over workers' financial demands.
    • We seem to be hopelessly deadlocked on some financial issues and on who gets the kids when.
    • Without their support, Williams delayed introducing the bill, and the situation remained deadlocked.
    • A judge declared a hung jury after jurors said they were hopelessly deadlocked.
    • The commission met intermittently in Seoul but deadlocked over the issue of establishing a national government.
    • The all-white jury deadlocked in Killen's case, but seven others were convicted.
    • Dukada then declared the meeting deadlocked because all political parties did not agree.
    • The parties have also deadlocked over the period to be covered by the agreement, with SALGA favouring a three-year settlement period and the union demanding a one-year settlement.
    • The government proposal was announced on July 2 as a way of resolving deadlocked negotiations.
    • They were hopelessly deadlocked and begged to be discharged.
    • The jury deadlocked on two other counts charging him with false statements on tax returns.
    • And last night's council tax-setting meeting had appeared deadlocked after all three party budgets were voted out.

verbo intransitivo

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    llegar a un impasse
    llegar a un punto muerto