Traducción de dealer en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈdiːlə//ˈdilər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(trader)

      dealer (in sth)
      • arms/drug dealer traficante de armas/drogas
      • a dealer in livestock un consignatario / tratante de ganado
      • she's a record/car dealer se dedica a la compra-venta de discos/coches
      • visit your local Ford/Hoover dealer visite a su concesionario Ford/representante Hoover más próximo
      • a dealer in stolen goods un reducidor

    • 1.2Finanzas

      corredor de bolsa masculino
      corredora de bolsa femenino
      corredor de valores masculino
      corredora de valores femenino
      foreign currency dealer agente de cambio femenino
      • It was a major dealer in the UK utilities market, handling 30% of the gas and electricity trade.
      • A former dealer in replica guns, who did not want to be named, said that the illegal conversion of weapons to fire live ammunition was very difficult.
      • Recently we procured another flower color type from a local dealer in horticultural plants.
      • Diaries will be available within 10 days of booking an order, said Shantha Ravikumar, a product dealer in the city.
      • Rioux buys her plants from a dealer in Alberta and has a contract with an Alberta buyer for the sale of organic seeds and roots.
      • He became an antique dealer in Leamington Spa and coached at Coventry.
      • The purchase and transfer of the art was conducted through a dealer in the U.S. who specializes in such art-donation schemes.
      • The edition, which was expected to fetch up to £10,000, was bought by a book dealer in Bristol.
      • Prairie dogs that the company then sold to a pet dealer in Milwaukee later infected people.
      • ‘This was a reaction to the unknown,’ said a bullion dealer in London.
      • But police now believe the electrical equipment was originally obtained from a dealer in Lancashire on December 17.
      • The cyclist is offered the chance to get the cycle fitted with working lights by taking it along to a cycle dealer in York within 14 days of being issued with a ticket.
      • Each town has a blacksmith, a dealer in wands and staves, and a seller of potions.
      • The painting of Calais, being sold by a dealer in Hampshire, was also snapped up for the gallery.
      • Although we bought calves locally for rearing, we sometimes bought them from a dealer in Cheshire.
      • The dealer in minerals sees the market value of the jewels he handles, not their beauty.
      • The gun was brought from a gun dealer in another city, where it would normally have to be picked up.
      • Bowring studied art history and has always been a dealer in art.
      • The Glasgow-based writer worked for many years as a dealer in second-hand, out-of-print and antiquarian books.
      • Schoeni was a leading dealer in Chinese contemporary art with two galleries in Hong Kong's fashionable SoHo district.

  • 2

    the dealer el que da / reparte las cartas
    • He found work as a dealer in a casino but drugs and alcohol were a part of the scene and he eventually lost the job.
    • The dealer shuffles the cards and offers them to be cut by the player to the dealer's right.
    • At a four-player table the dealer of each hand sits out while the other three play.
    • The example was given of a poker game where the dealer deals himself a straight flush.
    • Let's say everybody is dealt a bunch of small cards and the dealer has a deuce up.
    • The game begins with the dealer flipping a card face-up in front of the person to his or her left.
    • If all pass the cards are thrown in and there is a new deal of the same number of cards by the next dealer.
    • Typically, the dealer banks the game, but in Pai Gow Poker, any player can be the banker.
    • If there is a tie, the players that tie continue to cut the cards until a dealer is determined.
    • It's okay if one person gets an extra card, just make sure you shift dealers every game.
    • This dealer deals each player seven cards in a row then puts the remaining cards in a face down pile in center of players.
    • After each player receives their cards, the dealer takes one card and places it face up.
    • When each player is finished the dealer then shows the opponent his highest hand.
    • The dealer can discard cards and draw replacements from the stock as fast as he or she likes.
    • The player on the left of the dealer takes the top card from his or her stack and lays at face up on the table.
    • In some places it is the player to the right of the dealer who is dealt no cards and sits out of the play.
    • Every dealer in Vegas will tell you roulette is a sucker's game.
    • The room was brightly lit, dealers sat at the card tables and the wheel of fortune turned.
    • At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals to each player until the deck is exhausted.
    • The early surrender rule allows the player to throw in the hand before the dealer checks the hole card for a Blackjack.