Traducción de death en Español:


muerte, n.

Pronunciación /dɛθ//dɛθ/


  • 1

    (end of life)
    muerte femenino
    fallecimiento masculino formal
    to die a natural death morir de muerte natural
    • he died a peaceful death tuvo una buena muerte / una muerte tranquila
    • the fire caused several deaths el incendio causó varios muertos / cobró varias víctimas
    • the illness can result in death la enfermedad puede ser mortal
    • death by strangulation/drowning muerte por estrangulación/inmersión
    • they were united in death la muerte los unió
    • death to the traitor! ¡muerte al traidor!
    • he was sentenced to death/to death by hanging lo condenaron a muerte/a morir en la horca
    • he was stabbed/beaten to death lo mataron a puñaladas/golpes
    • to freeze/starve to death morirse de frío/hambre
    • to bleed to death morir desangrado
    • he drank himself to death el alcohol acabó con él / lo mató
    • as intensifier to death
    • to be scared to death estar muerto de miedo
    • they're frightened to death of losing their jobs tienen un miedo espantoso de perder el trabajo
    • his mother spoiled him to death la madre lo echó a perder con tanto mimo / lo malcrió de mala manera
    • I'm worried to death estoy preocupadísima
    • as pale as death blanco como un papel
    • you look as pale as death estás blanco como un papel
    • to hang on like grim death aferrarse con todas sus fuerzas
    • to look like (grim) death tener la cara desencajada
    • Incidents of violent attacks that leave people dead or near death have increased in Australia recently.
    • At present, we have the highest rate of premature death from heart disease in the EU.
    • Jack closed his eyes tightly and longed for death, for surely he would be dead sooner or later.
    • There are so many choices out there that don't require the suffering and death of animals.
    • The other two photographs are closer, and shows many birds dead, some near death and very few still standing.
    • There is no family history of sudden infant deaths and everything had seemed okay.
    • The death knell may be about to sound for Yorkshire's last remaining pits.
    • Especially in October and November, we often think of death and the dead.
    • "Poor diet is the biggest cause of preventable death in this country.
    • Drivers have borne the brunt of the blame for their part in our high road death toll.
    • It is estimated that around one fifth of all deaths in the UK are attributed to smoking.
    • Men who don't fear death are dead men because fearing death is part of life
    • It is a sad fact that these deaths are now so commonplace that they rarely make the news.
    • Requiem - a mass for the dead - explores the relationship between man and death.
    • I think we have to do everything that is possible to reduce deaths and casualties on the roads.
    • He has pleaded not guilty to four charges of causing death by dangerous driving.
    • By the time the guards run in, minutes later, the occupants are all either dead or on the brink of death.
    • So those people died a tragic, tragic sudden, unexpected death.
    • If we cannot save or stop the death of animals, at least we should not kill them in a cruel way.
    • The exhibition, which runs until September 7, is a showpiece of life and death in the animal world.
  • 2

    fin masculino
    that was the death of my hopes/ambitions eso acabó con mis esperanzas/ambiciones
    • it's death to small businesses para los negocios pequeños es la ruina
    • The death of the American auto industry -- and the loss of hundreds of thousands of high-paying union jobs -- isn't necessarily a bad thing for the environment if it means more market share for more efficient Japanese vehicles.
    • The Mighty Ed Driscoll has a terrific post on the death of the smart romantic comedy, inspired by a piece by A.O. Scott.
    • Cinema's birth or rebirth is intimately linked to its death and the process of its mourning.