Traducción de deathless en Español:


imperecedero, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛθləs//ˈdɛθləs/



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    imperecedero literario
    his deathless prose su inmortal prosa irónico
    • The true individuality of a man is the same in a king, as well as a beggar, the saint, as well as the sinner which is: sacred, divine and deathless.
    • While the singer looks ageless and deathless, she is a lot older than that.
    • He tells us, via a specific historical account, of His creation of a good world, in six earth-rotation days - ruined by sin, and still to be restored to a sinless, deathless condition.
    • The set is inspired by the photography of Jake Rajs, whose arid landscapes and endless, empty roads capture the deathless mystery of the desert.
    • And so when those journalists Google themselves, guess who pops up early and often, making fun of their deathless prose?
    • Nor do I think the books are especially brilliant, beyond the undeniable genius of crossbreeding the various deathless genres of children's fantasy to spin a yarn both traditional and contemporary in its appeal.
    • All that has changed - and every one of our deathless chums may now be seen on video, cable TV and at Beanoland in the Chessington World of Adventures.
    • It's something that utopians like to forget in their deathless faith in the perfectibility of man.
    • In 2001, the duo anonymously released a single called Soft, which sampled Chicago's deathless 1976 number one If You Leave Me Now.
    • As he recovers and continues his walk down the corridor of the office block on the North Circular, I am to emerge from behind the soft drinks and utter the deathless words: ‘Ah, Daniel.’
    • Inevitably, one's mind is cast back to the deathless moment when they were swept off their feet by the sea - nothing compared to the tidal wave about to engulf another Canute.
    • Immortality, the birthless and deathless state of nirvana, lies beyond this cycle of the wheel of life.
    • I'm trying to become a better writer, because it's something I love, but I'm not trying all that hard to write deathless prose, here.
    • Hardly surprisingly, no deathless prose has been written on ‘The Idea of the Tertiary Education Sector’.
    • Not deathless literature, but entertainment with as high a reverberation as you can go for.
    • His description of the epic on Garrick's Shelf is typical: ‘The day's route led us through snow and ice scenery of deathless beauty.’
    • Not exactly deathless prose, but David was happy with it.
    • But in all the ways that matter, Bell effectively was Holmes, or became Holmes, through the deathless art of Conan Doyle, Bell's most famous pupil.
    • Pierce Brosnan plays James Bond for what will likely be the last time in Die Another Day, the latest in the deathless series.
    • He is, on the one hand, the man behind both early - 1990s pre-teen trio Hanson and the Baha Men's deathless novelty hit, Who Let the Dogs Out?