Traducción de deathly en Español:


de muerte, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛθli//ˈdɛθli/


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    (silence) de muerte
    (silence) mortal
    (silence) sepulcral
    (pallor) cadavérico
    • Friday's encounters had been played out in front of banks of empty seats and a deathly hush.
    • Suitably chastened, the woman returned to her seat, and all four sat down in deathly silence until the plane landed.
    • A kind of deathly, phony calm descends at moments like that.
    • Her face was deathly pale, but she managed a small smile in Tom's direction.
    • Every time she spoke, her voice sounded so loud against the deathly hush.
    • I was deathly cold and must have looked exceptionally pale in the dark room.
    • He pulled his face mask up and marched into the deathly cold mountain air.
    • I simply dropped to my knees next to her and held her hand, trying to get some warmth into that deathly cold body.
    • As an adult I've always kept firmly out of the sun and my skin has remained deathly pale as a result.
    • Suddenly the stadium falls into a deathly cold and the lights begin to flicker.
    • In fact it is deathly cold within the concrete grey triangular structure.
    • The hall was hushed to a deathly silence as he began to talk, his voice full of authority.
    • His eyes narrowed to slits and the air about them grew cold, and deathly still.
    • He placed a deathly cold hand over her mouth, keeping her from crying out.
    • The red eyes were bright and swollen from crying, and the white skin was deathly pale from the cold.
    • Despite the newscaster's promise of sun, it was deathly cold in her room.
    • Her breathing became shallow and ragged, while her face began to pale to a deathly white.
    • Then he felt his body go into shock, as a deathly cold hand clamped to his neck.
    • Her face was deathly pale underneath the rouge and the dark lipstick.
    • Cautiously, he rolled her over to find her face pale, deathly white.


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    she looked deathly white / pale estaba blanca como el / un papel