Traducción de debilitating en Español:


debilitante, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈbɪləˌteɪdɪŋ//dɪˈbɪlɪteɪtɪŋ/


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    (disease) debilitante
    (heat/climate) extenuante
    her debilitating shyness su timidez enfermiza
    • the war had a debilitating effect on the economy la guerra debilitó la economía
    • Its sole purpose was to bleed the USSR in a debilitating conflict.
    • A final debilitating difficulty was an almost total lack of standardisation.
    • If nationalism was a principal cause of the war, the four-year struggle merely intensified its importance and worsened its debilitating effects.
    • The community of Engcobo near here expressed their anger this week at the frequent and debilitating power failures which also cut the water supply to the town.
    • Approximately 10 % to 15 % of women in the U.S. suffer from the sometimes debilitating disorder.
    • Depending on how one employs it, local media has the potential to be either a great stabilizing force or a debilitating factor on the local audience.
    • MS is a debilitating autoimmune disease affecting the quality of life of sufferers over many years.
    • Well, I think the entertainment industry has been one of the most debilitating factors in our nation's moral decline.
    • A father whose 19-year-old daughter died from cystic fibrosis says a cure needs to be found now for the debilitating disease.
    • Weeks before a prospective invasion of Iraq, the oil-rich state has doubled its exports of oil to America, helping US refineries cope with a debilitating strike in Venezuela.
    • With improved strength, they'll prevent debilitating injuries.
    • An increasing number of healthy individuals are also choosing to be vaccinated annually to avoid a potentially debilitating illness.
    • In respect of the Champions League, Arsenal have betrayed a debilitating weakness for falling at the group stages.
    • Heartfelt tributes have been pouring in following the death of horse rider Fiona Gale who suffered from a debilitating form of asthma.
    • Scientists believe they may have identified the cause of the debilitating sleep disorder narcolepsy in humans.
    • Poor customer care can have a debilitating effect on a business.
    • The second factor has to do with the debilitating effects of unearned privilege.
    • The debilitating disease of prejudice and tribalism is alive and spreading among our brothers and sisters.
    • Moreover, the plasma treatment is only effective for patients with sudden debilitating attacks rather than slowly worsening symptoms.
    • Tacrine does not prevent Alzheimer's; it seems to slow development of the debilitating symptoms somewhat.
    • In non-fatal mishaps, we all know that motorcyclists stand an increased likelihood of sustaining a permanent debilitating injury.
    • There were also calls to revive the issues that had been subject to a debilitating conspiracy of silence.
    • Some years ago, following a debilitating illness, I started to fill the seemingly limitless days of convalescence by expanding my programming skills.
    • Eight years on, Elinor is still ravaged by the debilitating skin condition.
    • Unchecked, the disorder often sets in motion a debilitating psychological sequel syndrome of agoraphobia, avoiding public places.
    • The programmes will also include personal testimony from Iraqis to help them deal with the trauma of war and its debilitating effect on people trying to rebuild their lives.
    • In a letter of grievance over his July 14 firing, Smith says he was subject to "severe and debilitating harassment" over the 18 months preceding his dismissal.
    • The debilitating wars of survival that continued until 1815 did eventually confirm the patriotic self-esteem of Britons.
    • Repetitive, high-frequency overload delivered to a malaligned extensor mechanism yields persistent, debilitating, unremitting pain in some athletes.
    • The Department of Health has vowed to improve care services for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers in recognition of the condition's debilitating effects.
    • Operation Allied Force was indicative of the debilitating influence of negative political objectives on positive military objectives.
    • Many people spend a substantial part of old age in a debilitating condition.
    • Shareholders have welcomed what they hope is an end to the debilitating row.
    • Now her mother is in the final stages of this debilitating disease.
    • He unfortunately relies on philosophical categories that imply the debilitating skepticism he argues is incompatible with true liberalism.
    • Its most debilitating effect is the erasure of the experience of racism and sexism for black women.
    • A sales director is putting in a marathon fundraising effort to help fight the debilitating disease affecting his wife.
    • His father, a distinguished Marxist academic, resigned from Labour during one of its debilitating civil wars.
    • Prof Martin Villet provides insight into an often debilitating set of illnesses.
    • In addition to the debilitating effect of a migraine attack, sufferers report a significant impact on their quality of life between attacks.