Traducción de debt collector en Español:

debt collector

cobrador de deudas, n.


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    cobrador de deudas masculino
    cobradora de deudas femenino
    cobrador de morosos masculino
    cobradora de morosos femenino
    • We will also arrange for a debt collector to collect the outstanding balance or instruct a solicitor to issue proceedings against you.
    • Now, my account has been sent to a debt collector and the company says I must wait for them to do an investigation.
    • By 18 he was a debt collector and loan salesman with an American finance company and soon started a string of businesses including a loan broker's, an estate agency and property business.
    • Those arrears amounted to about $31,000 and the debt collector had therefore acquired a lien on the property and wanted to foreclose on it.
    • However, since then, an ABN debt collector has called me many times and insisted that there is an outstanding balance of approximately Rp 500,000.
    • If you're facing the possibility of a knock on the door from a debt collector, it's important not to ignore the problem.
    • A MAN who hired a debt collector to scare his business partner into returning thousands of pounds has been jailed for nine months.
    • A debt collector who worked under the name ‘Mr Reaper’ has been put behind bars after admitting that he threatened to kill a North Yorkshire garage manager over a disputed work contract.
    • I was the only one there when the debt collector arrived, and he quite forcibly told me if I didn't start paying he'd break my arm and blacken my credit rating and all that.
    • It's a setting that Jacob knows firsthand due to a three-month stint as a debt collector at the age of 19.
    • You need to make sure that you have the proper procedures in place from the outset, so that you are not faced with ongoing payments to a debt collector,’ said Dunleavy.
    • A gang of sophisticated villains are believed to be behind a cheque fraud scam which is leaving innocent people facing threats from debt collectors.
    • He earned his living as a trainee architect and a rostrum cameraman, a photocopier salesman and later as a debt collector.
    • A year ago, while Sotherton was dithering over whether to quit her job as a debt collector and train full-time for the heptathlon, her mother advised her to take the plunge.
    • How long you remain unaware of such theft depends on the nature of the fraud, how carefully you check your credit card and bank statements, and the presence of a debt collector on your doorstep.
    • He plays Beck, a gentle giant, who operates as a debt collector for a shady LA restaurateur.
    • The gunman shot the part-time debt collector in the neck only an inch from his windpipe.
    • Finally, when we were unable to reach the customer and she failed to respond to calls, emails and a letter to her home, Telstra sent in a debt collector as it was fully entitled to do under Telecommunications Industry credit guidelines.
    • Most lenders would rather work out a repayment plan that you can handle, which could include reducing the interest rate you're paying, than bring in an expensive debt collector.
    • Dallas debt collector Charlie Black is giving up his job after getting 14 black eyes, three broken ribs, a broken wrist and four broken fingers in the last two years.