Traducción de debut en Español:


debut, n.


Pronunciación /ˈdeɪbjuː//ˈdɛbjuː//deɪˈbju/

nombrePlural debuts

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    debut masculino
    to make one's debut hacer su (or mi etc.) debut
    • she made her debut in society last year fue presentada en sociedad el año pasado
    • before noun her debut movie la película en la que hizo su debut
    • The film was directed by former camera operator Robert Day, making his debut in that capacity with some uncredited supervision from the more experienced Basil Dearden.
    • Made in 2000, the film marks the debut of young Mexican director, Alejandro González Iñárritu.
    • Howard didn't hurt his cause in his international debut, a solid performance in a 1-0 win over Ecuador in March.
    • When Brando made his screen debut in the 1950 film The Men there had been nobody quite like him before on screen.
    • Saint's role was her screen debut and merely resulted in a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress Award for her.
    • She fell in love with the theatre when she was still a student at the Rousse Language School where her debut was in a performance of Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw.
    • Driver Keen is out to impress on his BTCC debut after strong performances in international Formula 3000 and sportscars.
    • Kevin Keegan is ready to give his latest youthful midfield discovery a starting role at Old Trafford after his spectacular debut.
    • Twenty-nine-year-old Gardemeister delivered a highly mature performance on his competition debut in a Focus RS.
    • He made his professional debut in the title role in the tour of ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.
    • He has already made both his TV and film debuts, but it is his superlative stage performances in the ‘Music Man’ that have catapulted him close to stardom status.
    • Provided I can find a spare ten minutes to edit some of my poetry for a family audience, those in attendance will witness my debut as a performance poet.
    • This month marks her cinematic debut in a leading role.
    • A man-of-the-match performance on his debut - a 4-1 defeat of Aston Villa - was a perfect start.
    • McDowell is riveting in his screen debut, and the film's social observation and build-up of tension is quite compelling.
    • Two years earlier, Sophia had made her debut with a bit role in the Federico Fellini film, ‘Variety Lights’.
    • Phillips's performances on her debut at the Burghley International three-day event last year were the highlight of her eventing career thus far.
    • That she succeeds so well is impressive given that the role represents her film debut.
    • Mos Def gives one of his strongest performances since his classic debut, Black on Both Sides.
    • This film also marks the debut of screenwriter David Lewis, an award-winning editor with the San Francisco Chronicle.

verbo intransitivodebuting, debuted, debuts


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