Traducción de decline en Español:


descenso, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈklaɪn//dɪˈklʌɪn/


  • 1

    descenso masculino
    disminución femenino
    a decline in demand un descenso / una disminución en la demanda
    • Hawks were clearly on the decline in the eastern United States, and their persecution seemed to be increasing.
    • A few workshops produce domestic cloth such as woolen blankets and covers, but this type of weaving is on the decline in the face of cheap, factory-made goods.
    • He attributes most of these losses to a decline in high yield business travel.
    • The latest figures show a steady decline in the number of youngsters vaccinated from nearly 90 per cent in 1997.
    • Suburbanization and a decline in manufacturing caused economic problems and population losses through much of the twentieth century.
    • But no one mentioned the impact of drug abuse or drug treatment on the decline in sexual interest and potency.
    • Similarly, it argues that businesses surveyed place it only fifth on a list of factors impacting trade, beneath wider economic factors, the decline in tourism and seasonal influences.
    • They told how the firm had suffered significant losses following a decline in new business over recent months and that there was little sign of improvement in the future.
    • If the housing market goes into decline we may, if we remain determined to move, be forced to reduced our asking price.
    • A drop in fundraising will produce a further decline in educational quality.
    • With the collapse of the Venetian Republic in 1797, the Murano glassworks fell into decline.
    • By the first century BC, Greece had fallen into decline, lost its outlying territories, and been assimilated into the Roman Empire.
    • A survey of UK clinics carried out by the authority earlier this year found that 62% of clinics predicted that the move would lead to a further decline in donations.
    • History showed the British Empire's decline and fall, unable to compete with the strain of global war and the rise of political and economic power elsewhere.
    • Guinness drinking is on the decline in Ireland, with volume sales falling by an annual rate of about 3 per cent over the past four years.
    • The two decades before 1995 had been a period of almost continuous economic decline in sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Amateur boxing is on the decline in Europe and America.
    • The production side of the economy has seen a continuous decline in British manufacturing, with a loss of 1 million jobs since Labour came to power in 1997.
    • Unfortunately, populations of both birds have been in decline for decades.
    • Dan, a mechanic for 16 years at Northwest, commented on the decline in safety conditions at the airline, before and during the strike.
  • 2

    (downward trend)
    declive masculino
    decadencia femenino
    deterioro masculino
    the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire la decadencia y caída del Imperio Romano
    • to be in decline estar en declive / en decadencia
    • student numbers are on the decline el número de estudiantes está descendiendo
    • his prestige is on the decline está perdiendo prestigio
    • interest in radio has been on the decline since … el interés por la radio ha ido disminuyendo desde …
    • to fall into decline entrar en decadencia
    • to go into a decline entrar en decadencia

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(decrease)

      (production/strength) disminuir
      (production/strength) decrecer
      (interest) disminuir
      (interest) decaer
      to decline in importance perder importancia
      • their shares have declined in value sus acciones han disminuido de valor
      • Although tobacco consumption may be declining in the West, it continues to grow in emerging markets.
      • As in so many other parts of the former Soviet Union, health standards are declining.
      • In recent years, his health began to decline but his serene and tranquil nature never deserted him.
      • Union membership is continuing to decline and has already dropped to its 1912 level.
      • In the developed world, birth rates have been declining steadily for the past two decades.
      • If there was evidence of Monty's performance declining, his mental strength appeared to be holding up well.
      • The quality was declining - with too many copycat programmes and not enough new, challenging TV.
      • Unemployment may be falling but remains high and the city population continues to decline but there is at last an unmistakeable air of optimism in the city and a belief that a revival is underway.
      • And the education they get is declining in quality.
      • We made people financially better off, but money isn't everything and in other ways, the quality of their lives declined.
      • In Los Angeles, San Francisco and Alameda counties, voter participation declined by an aggregate of 12 percent.
      • Britain's current aid commitment is 0.31 percent of GNP and aid as a whole from the West has steadily declined over the last decade.
      • However, these gender differences declined with age and actually reversed around age 40.
      • A new report by the government's offshore pollution experts reveals that levels of sulphur pollution have hardly declined along the west coast of Britain over the past 15 years.
      • Those who climb into their cars at six in the morning to commute to Dublin know full well that their quality of life has declined.
      • As Rome's strength declined, the country again was exposed to invasion.
      • Meanwhile, the city's infrastructure continues to decline.
      • The board's passive response to declining performance may stem from deference to a much-admired leader.
      • Brewers also found 2003 a bitter year as sales of beer and stout continued to decline from the peak levels of 1999 and 2000.
      • With declining renal function, doses of certain medications and antibiotics should be decreased to avoid toxic buildup.
      • The street started to decline about five years ago when police had to move one innocent family out after they had been intimidated and criminal damage had been caused to their home.
      • If we let our public transport system, including our rail, continue to decline, then transport issues will become much more serious for those on low incomes, and even middle income.
      • Crop yields will decline, and droughts will grow more severe.
      • The report said the quality of the educational provision and standards pupils achieve have declined significantly since its last inspection.
      • So the title of your book is interesting because we hear a lot about educational standards declining because of fewer students excelling in sciences and math.
      • It adds that many objectors do not live in the town, or have moved there since the ports declined and so have no knowledge of how Harwich used to prosper.
      • This directly contradicts Robinson's assertion that policing costs would decline after such a move.
      • Child care in Sweden is considered to be of high quality, but due to budget cuts year after year the quality has declined.
      • Both national and community studies have shown that physical activity decreases after early adulthood and continues to decline after age 50.
      • Although farm incomes continued to decline in 2002, the low cost of borrowing did much to save off the threat of closure for those struggling with a high level of debt.
      • According to Hollywood producers and directors, the quality of film has declined in the past 20 years.
      • African lion populations have greatly declined in West Africa and in many African countries they are restricted to protected areas.
      • But this has been at the expense of the working class and significant sections of the middle class whose living standards have stagnated and declined.
      • Although these diseases seldom occurred in an acute form in Europe, standards of health declined.
      • Her health has declined since this struggle began.
      • Without it, York city centre would simply continue to decline, said John Steel QC, counsel for City of York Council.
      • But he adds that English is declining less rapidly than some other languages, like Italian.
      • One of the main factors influencing the outcome of IVF treatment is the age of the woman whose eggs are used, as the quality of the eggs declines as the woman gets older.
      • Although industry experienced modest gains, the region's population continued to decline throughout the last decade.
      • Over the past 30 years, water quality has declined in rivers and lakes all over Ireland, with the excessive input of nutrients being established as the main cause of the decline.
      • He had experienced more than one period of hospitalisation during the past year, and in recent months his health began to decline in a way that was of concern to family and friends.
      • Tourism in the area declined sharply after 1992.
      • The number of manufacturing jobs will continue to decline, but more service jobs will be created this year than during 2001.
      • However, the singles market continued to decline, with a drop of nearly 30 per cent on overall sales.
      • Housing prices in general continued to decline in April, with a drop of 7.1 per cent.
      • The Yorkshire Museum of Farming, at Murton, near York, saw visitor numbers decline after animals had to be temporarily moved because of foot and mouth.

    • 1.2(deteriorate)

      (health/faculties) deteriorarse
      (quality/standard) decaer
      (industry/region) decaer

    • 1.3declining present participle

      (standards/region/industry) en declive
      (region/industry/standards) en decadencia
      (empire) en decadencia
      the graph shows a declining trend el gráfico muestra una tendencia decreciente / a la baja

  • 2

    I invited him, but he declined lo invité, pero rehusó / declinó mi invitación
  • 3

    (noun/adjective) declinarse
    • Reminder: you decline the verb to be as follows: I am, You are, He/she/it is, We are, You are, They are.
    • Lyly declined English nouns as if they were Latin.
    • The girls would happily sit for hours on end in his study declining Greek nouns and reading political philosophy.
    • It's a long time since I had to decline amo, amas, amat in my school Latin classes.
    • Those who declined it correctly went into Form 3.
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    • 4.1literary (slope down)

      • We have designed the extension to capture the last scraps of sun as it declines behind the hill in the early evening.

    • 4.2

      (day/sun) declinar literario

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (offer/invitation/drink) rehusar
    (drink/offer/invitation) declinar
    he declined to comment declinó hacer declaraciones
    • They made their way back to their cars, after declining many offers of cups of tea and cake.
    • After declining his first invitation for a date, she thought, ‘he's going abroad anyway, so why don't I go out with him?’
    • ‘No thanks, I think I've had enough,’ I replied, declining the offer.
    • He declined my offer of coffee and left without as much as giving me a reason why he didn't want to stay.
    • A company spokesman declined an invitation to comment about the issue of car parking at the public house.
    • Once out of there, they walked around, just glancing around in the stores, occasionally, Jason would ask Sarah if she wanted anything but she politely declined the offer.
    • Both Mr Myers and Ms Kennedy declined several invitations to comment on radio yesterday.
    • I politely declined her invitation and excused myself, lying and saying that I, also, had other plans.
    • We sat on the stoop until nearly two in the morning before the coroner's van came to pick up Eric; the cop stayed in the living room, respectfully declining offers of iced tea.
    • Robert offers to walk her over, but she declines his invitation.
    • So as you can see I'll have to respectfully decline your invitation.
    • She declined their offer, walked away and later passed the registration number of their car to police.
    • We chatted for a while, and I politely declined his offer of a drink in the pub after work.
    • If the council declines the offer, the land will be sold off.
    • A waiter approached them with glasses of champagne but both of them declined politely.
    • Needless to say, I politely declined their invitations.
    • The company has declined our invitations to comment on the concerns raised by some of their customers.
    • The USI president said earlier studies had shown that 10% of students who declined a college offer did so because of financial concerns.
    • We'd even asked Tony if he'd like to move in with us, but he'd politely declined the offer.
    • Toby sat beside Kate and offered her some of his candy bar, but she smiled and declined politely.
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    (noun/adjective) declinar