Traducción de decrepit en Español:


destartalado, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈkrɛpət//dɪˈkrɛpɪt/


  • 1

    (dilapidated, worn-out)
    (furniture/bus) destartalado
    (house) deteriorado
    (house) viejo y en mal estado
    • A few kilometers down a decrepit road is a sprawling abandoned battery factory.
    • According to council reports, two thirds of the houses are decrepit with out-of-date heating systems, crumbling walls and dodgy electrics.
    • She lives alone with her young baby in a damp, decrepit house.
    • The outside of the school is done up very nice to create a façade on the outside, but on the inside everything is dilapidated and decrepit.
    • And here she was, sitting in this decrepit house on the island, trying to make a life for herself as a painter.
    • When they got to the decrepit house, Robin seized Twigg by the arm and pulled him into a nearby bush.
    • Schools look more decrepit than houses, government offices, strung along the road, so run down you wonder if anybody ever visits them.
    • This time it was a decrepit, dark and deserted Tudor style house.
    • It is old, rickety, and decrepit, and miraculously survives the nine-day trip.
    • Pulling up outside the shop was a decrepit, battered motorcycle with sidecar and a rider of the same genre.
    • As with Paradise, this story begins in a decrepit relic of a house inhabited by women on the edge of a dying town.
    • All that remained at Assonde were the decrepit shells of houses.
    • I trudged over to a ramshackle building reminding me of a snack bar at our decrepit drive-in theater.
    • We had just walked to the top of the hill and scrambled among the ruins of decrepit churches and an old stone castle.
    • The decrepit appearance of the municipal dwelling houses, however, masked their true value.
    • Until the present Foreign Office was built in the 1860s, the department was housed in decrepit buildings in Downing Street.
    • I laughed and ran downstairs holding my car keys and decrepit backpack that was practically falling apart.
    • Even if she were in trouble she would not leave her decrepit house in a nightgown.
    • Demolition debris surrounds the stately but decrepit house of Sripathi Rao, Nandana's grandfather.
    • I've moved from a tiny, decrepit college room to a smaller, equally crumbly college-owned house.
  • 2

    (person/animal) decrépito
    • David turned to the decrepit man sitting in the interrogation room.
    • The guard at the gate watched the decrepit old man limp along in the distance.
    • To less decrepit members of the population than me, life means nightlife.
    • One of his long time friends asked how a decrepit bloke like him had landed such a gorgeous dame.
    • At 65, he isn't decrepit, and you note that others were reluctant to retire at 70.
    • It's not for working reporters, even old, decrepit ones like myself, to comment on that kind of thing.
    • Edith Evans made a striking screen debut as the decrepit Countess.
    • Every day citizens and visitors who have to walk through the city must step gingerly over or around these decrepit characters.
    • The marriage of a man to a woman more than twice his age is unheard of in the country, where nubile, teenage girls are frequently betrothed to decrepit, old men.
    • Anna is a femme fatale looking for a young powerful lover to help her murder her decrepit husband and make off with his fortune.
    • And it would be lovely to actually build that house on Gola before we're too decrepit to take advantage of it.
    • It might be that I'm too decrepit for the pace of it or it might be the lyrics.
    • But the fact that he's so old, and so decrepit, and has a walker, and can barely move on his own, makes it funny and makes it work.
    • My parents are not decrepit old people; they insist on remaining as young as possible, and by doing so, they keep me young too.
    • The old decrepit man watched as they harassed the beautiful young lady who was trying to enjoy her lunch in peace.
    • Shah Jahan would recover from his illness only to spend his last days as an old and decrepit man, imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb, in the fort in Agra.
    • On the other hand we meet people much younger who behave as if they were decrepit and refuse to keep up with the times.
    • If I were a litigant, I would not like an ageing and decrepit judge sitting on my case, where the amounts at issue might be significant.
    • A ragged decrepit old man blinking in amazement as a parachute descends into the valley, landing gently beside the lake.
    • Advertisements for these drugs feature, not decrepit old men, but young athletes.