Traducción de deep freeze en Español:

deep freeze

congelador, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdiːp ˈfriːz//ˈdip ˈˌfriz/


  • 1

    (in shop, home)
    congelador masculino
    freezer femenino América Latina
    • Pour the chilled mixture into a plastic freezer box and leave in the deep freeze until the edges have frozen.
    • ‘We had ample provisions: a deep freeze full of meat, fish and veggies, six cases of de Diable wine and lots of cans of Chilean beer ’, said Fred.
    • Those who own dishwashers, deep freezers, clothes dryers and microwaves can even sometimes take longer to do their chores than those who do not.
    • In the Ireland of De Valera she was the first in the town to introduce chilled Coca Cola, the first to sell frozen foods from a deep freezer, and the first to popularize the concept of a delicatessen.
    • You will be questioned as to how often you invite guests for meals and whether you have a microwave oven, a refrigerator and a deep freezer.
    • At the same time as you buy the bag also purchase a couple of small blue freezer blocks which freeze solid in your deep freeze and take a surprisingly long time to de-freeze.
    • It was the Victorians' version of the deep freezer.
    • Product is sent from the filling room via a conveyor belt through the three other freezers to the deep freezer.
    • Storage facilities like fridges and deep freezers are examined to ensure they comply with health regulations.
    • By this, he means ‘less than 60 per cent of the national median income’ - a level at which many people own their own homes, have deep freezers and fill them, own cars and run them.
    • A classic case, going back 20 years, was the emergence of the deep freezer.
    • I'd refused to go with Antonio alone, so the three of us had gone to the kitchen, where I'd discovered heaven in the form of a massive refrigerator, deep freezer and two fully stocked closets of food.
    • On arrival, he carefully placed his passport in the deep freeze section of the fridge for security reasons and proceeded to enjoy the intellectual stimulation of our fair city for two weeks.
    • The blood bank has four refrigerated centrifuges, 6 deep freezers which maintain a temperature range of - 40 to - 80 degrees centigrade and four blood bank refrigerators.
    • Whereas in Scandinavia people stock up with up to 100 kg of raspberries in their deep freezes, Scots only eat a few grammes of their finest product.
    • Oudtshoorn's deep freezers are now full of uneaten meat - it's too pricey for locals, who in any case prefer mutton or chicken.
    • One solution is to put it into a domestic deep freezer for 48 hours to kill any remaining larvae.
    • In the past, before refrigerators and deep freezers were invented, it was traditional to turn to preserved fish in January, since fresh fish was in short supply.
    • The inspector asked the shopkeeper to store it out of sight in a deep freeze.
  • 2

    (ultra)congelación femenino
    the proposal is at present in deep freeze la propuesta ha sido congelada por el momento
    • before noun deep-freeze compartment congelador

verbo transitivodeep froze, deep frozen

  • 1

    (meat/vegetables) congelar
    (vegetables/meat) (commercially) ultracongelar
    a packet of deep-frozen cod un paquete de bacalao ultracongelado