Traducción de defendant en Español:


demandado, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈfɛndənt//dɪˈfɛnd(ə)nt/



  • 1

    (in civil case) demandado masculino
    (in civil case) demandada femenino
    (in criminal case) acusado masculino
    (in criminal case) acusada femenino
    • The case had taken a long time to get to court as the defendant had pleaded not guilty.
    • The criminal law ought not to be less favourable to a defendant than the civil law.
    • The terms of the order were not explained to the defendant by the magistrates in open court.
    • Each case will turn on its own facts but in my view the claimants are more likely to succeed than the defendants.
    • In fact the tenant was not treated less favourably than a defendant in the High Court.
    • The reality of the matter is that the object of these proceedings is to make the other defendants liable.
    • What was done was in direct response to a hazardous situation created by the defendants.
    • The plaintiffs alleged trespass and the defendants claimed that they had a profit of grazing.
    • Both the claimants and the defendants are in business for the purpose of making a profit.
    • The Trial Chamber found that in the case at issue the defendants were guilty of persecution.
    • The claimant and all three defendants were represented at the hearing of the application.
    • All claimants claim that there was a conspiracy by the defendants to injure them by unlawful means.
    • The defendants had approached and accused the police of kicking the girl, he said.
    • She instructed the defendants to draw up on her behalf a new will and two deeds of gift accordingly.
    • The prosecution say that the defendant was a man who could be violent in a calm and calculated way.
    • It is odd that you can get an acquittal, without the defendant even having to appear in court.
    • The court was told the defendant was stopped by police because he was not wearing a seat belt.
    • If the conduct of the defendants is not an issue in a defamation trial, what on earth is?
    • The case was adjourned so that all three defendants could appear in court together.
    • Three defendants were each found liable to the plaintiff in a personal injuries case.