Traducción de defensive en Español:


defensivo, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈfɛnsɪv//dɪˈfɛnsɪv/


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    (play/weapon/move/measures) defensivo
    there's no need to be / get so defensive! ¡no hay por qué ponerse tan a la defensiva!
    • In front of it lay the very strong Hindenburg Line - a defensive position in which the Germans put a great deal of trust.
    • The Rams are sure to use most of their draft picks on defensive talent and make staff changes.
    • On the other hand, the Austrians enjoyed a strong defensive position that could be maintained at a relatively low cost.
    • He is the first player ever to be voted top rookie and defensive player of the year in the same season.
    • Benitez can also boast having one of the country's best defensive records having conceded just six times.
    • You are the dominant defensive player in the game, yet rarely do you run into foul trouble.
    • Those involved in the ambush said a trap had been laid, and that the area was marked with defensive earth berms and firing positions.
    • At the time when he was forced into suspension United sat top of the table, with the best defensive record in the league.
    • I followed her outside to where the guards had formed defensive ranks.
    • Dings deserve credit for some excellent defensive work and solid set-piece play.
    • Very early on in a table tennis career you have to decide whether you want to be an attacking or defensive player.
    • The shire developed in Saxon times around Nottingham itself, where the rock made a strong defensive position.
    • The Bucs simply played a brilliant defensive game, one of the best in recent memory.
    • At the Tuileries, meanwhile, courtiers were going about armed and preparing defensive positions.
    • This group unites to form a defensive force to protect the city from a new band of villains.
    • Next, have the player go through the defensive movements in slow motion on the court.
    • The mammals swam in tight circles to create a defensive barrier as the great white lurked under the surface.
    • However, the Soviet forces quickly managed to construct new defensive positions and bring up fresh forces.
    • They were left to rue one awful defensive blunder which enabled full back Simon Verbickas to race in for a try.
    • The final was closer than the scoreline suggested, with both players adopting a defensive style in a gruelling final.
    • Getting your first wind is now a difficult thing, the weaker player getting into a defensive stance right from the start.
    • He has as much athleticism as any collegiate player and strong defensive ability.
    • He is not considered a good defensive player, mainly because of his lack of speed.
    • A great defensive performance kept the score line blank at half time.
    • Early in the match he brought a fine save out of David Marshall in the Celtic goal after a defensive error from Joos Valgaeren.
    • Liverpool have the eighth best goalscoring record and the seventh best defensive record.
    • The defensive players were boisterous and energetic and were taking it to the offense.
    • Make a short hard jab step in the direction of the defensive player with your right foot.
    • A defensive lapse in the 43rd minute allowed a Brandon player to get a shot on target.