Traducción de defer to en Español:

defer to

deferir a, v.

phrasal verb


  • 1

    deferir a formal
    I defer to your experience defiero a su experiencia formal
    • We don't defer to power structures and we don't acknowledge them.
    • We defer to those we respect and dominate those we do not, and we can do these acts simultaneously without contradiction.
    • I defer to Chris Brooke's knowledge of Augustine, but I suspect that St A's response to authoritarian measures would have been, shall be say, stoical.
    • You defer to the man you respect because he's likely to be right; this tendency to be right is why you respect him.
    • Because the U.S. Constitution vests state lawmakers with such wide-ranging powers in these areas, on the classic view, courts must defer to state legislatures.
    • I always defer to Luca when it comes to horses - he is the expert and I would be foolish not to.
    • For example, engineering seems the ultimate realm where non-specialists, whatever their opinion, must defer to white-coated experts.
    • I wouldn't agree, but actually I defer to Linda Erdreich on that one.
    • Yes, I would say that, in fact, when it comes to fiction, if I disagree, I defer to Jerry, because he's the fiction writer.
    • But I'm sure there are many people like me who would defer to scientific facts that are duly recorded and widely acknowledged.
    • I defer to Troy on that; I'm a captive of my experts.
    • When you feel that urge, he suggests, picture yourself as a god or goddess, a supreme ruler, who owns the streets and stores and office space, striding alone and having your way in all situations while others defer to you.
    • But it's also interesting and challenging to learn how to compromise with someone and to defer to their greater expertise on matters (as they should be happy to do with you).
    • They tend to be well informed and access data efficiently, they are mindful of special interests, distrustful of governments and disinclined to defer to the opinion of experts who they do not hold in any special awe.
    • And since she realizes that outside editors often have a better sense of future readers' reaction than the author does, she'll often defer to your editorial judgment.