Traducción de deflate en español:


desinflar, v.

Pronunciación: /dɪˈfleɪt//dəˈfleɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (tire/balloon) desinflar
      • The front tyre was deflated and the wheel was buckled and pushed back.
      • Three of the nursing director's car tyres were also deflated at the weekend and a wing mirror was broken off another staff member's car.
      • After treatment is completed, the balloon is deflated and the catheter is withdrawn and discarded.
      • They are investigating the theory that the murderer may have deliberately deflated the tyre so that the mechanic would have to stay alone to fix it, giving the killer the chance to strike after everyone else had gone home.
      • That was his worst result for two years, but the 42 points Ambrose grabbed when he deflated his rear tyres and drove out of the bog could end up being crucial at season's end.
      • After using the stinger to deflate all four tyres, we arrested one male in the car but the other two ran away.
      • When the talks broke down the angry workers barricaded senior management in their offices, deflated their car tyres and disconnected water to the city.
      • This design actually had advantages over later designs, as it would take more than one puncture to deflate the whole tyre.
      • The balloon is then deflated and removed, and the artery remains open.
      • Mr Fournier will spend around three hours ascending in an enclosed lightweight gondola before deflating the balloon and parachuting back to earth in six minutes and 25 seconds.
      • Just before we land, he pulls the rip cord, which opens the top of the balloon and deflates it behind us.
      • It took police one and a half hours to extract the lorry by deflating its tyres.
      • Residents ran forth to meet the balloon, as the occupants deflated the balloon and descended from it.
      • The instructor pulled out the heat-escape panel at the top of the balloon to deflate it.
      • The rear passenger tyre was deflated, which might have been caused by the accident.
      • The protesters deflated tyres of company buses at Devaiah Park, Rajajinagar and other parts of the City.
      • Stranded in the paddy field mud of the Winton track, Ambrose amazed fans by deflating his rear tyres to drive himself out of the bog and back into the race - but only after missing some 20 laps of the race.
      • Armed officers, who were lying in wait for the would-be raiders, disabled their van using Hatton rounds - bullets designed to deflate tyres with minimum damage.
      • The farmer, a prominent opposition supporter, fled his Marondera homestead when youths attacked his car with clubs and iron bars and tried to deflate the tyres on Friday.
      • Despite all four tyres being deflated, Marx continued until his car slid off the road.

    • 1.2(humble)

      to deflate sb / sb's ego bajarle los humos a algn coloquial

    • 1.3(depress)

      I felt deflated me sentí por los suelos
      • the news deflated my spirits la noticia me deprimió / me abatió
      • He was totally deflated by this remark and conceded defeat.
      • Somehow, hearing the understanding in his voice seemed to deflate her.
      • When you are being a flaming jerk and your friend, who knows this, gives you ‘the look,’ it deflates you just a little bit.
      • It's odd that that should deflate me the way it does.
      • I was deflated a bit and things suddenly seemed really awkward.
      • She was deflated when the person on the other line told her that Kiefer was not in.
      • Deanna's calmness had completely deflated me by now.
      • It was a nice gesture - because after the Lord's Test we were too deflated to do the same.
      • He's a confident character; nothing seems to deflate him.
      • It completely deflated the woman, who went to trim her magnolias.
      • But the futility of such a debate deflates me before I start.
      • A great shot, magnificently saved, which deflated the English crowd.
      • Michael was deflated when he saw the ashamed look on his father's face.
      • Her unexpected acquiescence completely deflated him.
      • It was a stunning loss because one moment it seemed as if we had it won - then, bang, we were deflated.
      • Each learned in her own way how to confront her husband about his shortcomings, limitations, or failures without compounding them or deflating him.
      • ‘When Derby County pipped us to the title one year, we were so deflated,’ he recalls.

  • 2

    (economy/currency) deflactar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (tire/balloon) desinflarse
    (tire/balloon) deshincharse España