Traducción de deflower en Español:


desflorar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈflaʊ(ə)r//diːˈflaʊə/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    desflorar literario
    • So, she devises an incredibly complex scheme that requires Phillippe to deflower many virgins.
    • The count plots to exercise his droit de seigneur, the right of titled men to deflower the brides of lesser folk.
    • Gerard Butler is never a threat in any way, except maybe as a candidate to deflower Christine.
    • This was a bride snatching, so that one man could marry and deflower a girl on her wedding day mainly to anger a rival.
    • But modern tales about an older man deflowering a girl take a gauzier view: Often the girl does the seducing, and the affair leads to her empowerment.