Traducción de deformity en Español:


deformidad, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈfɔrmədi//dɪˈfɔːmɪti/

nombrePlural deformities

  • 1

    (disfigurement, malformation)
    deformidad femenino
    • Jade, who celebrates her tenth birthday on Sunday, was born with rare deformities and had her legs amputated in 1998.
    • Chocolate Labrador Lulu was born with deformities in her hip joints and knee muscles and needed four major operations.
    • The singer, who was born with deformities of his lower limbs, had both legs amputated during his 20s.
    • The third category consists of patients with medical conditions that have caused deformities of the face or body.
    • A foetus was aborted at 25 weeks because it had amniotic band syndrome, which causes deformities in the body parts.
    • He was born with deformities in both legs but nevertheless became a champion rider and high jumper in his teens.
    • What does a foot look like in an adult born with unilateral clubfoot deformities that was treated with the Ponseti Method?
    • Leukaemia and cleft palate deformities were, and are, rife.
    • It's an international charity that gives free surgery to kids born with facial deformities.
    • She told us this was part of a big fundraising push and the money raised from the single will go to help children that have been born with deformities because of chemical warfare.
    • It is characterized by a wide variety of deformities, namely malformations and overgrowth of soft tissue and bone.
    • Children are born with deformities and girls do not menstruate until they are 18.
    • Those children who did survive suffered from disfiguring deformities.
    • Many of these kittens are inbred and born with deformities and disease.
    • The vast majority die in the womb and many that survive have defects and deformities.
    • Abnormalities and deformities put the patient at risk for ulceration.
    • Neuropathy can also cause deformities such as bunions, hammer toes, and charcot feet.
    • They brought pictures of children that had been born with deformities that were just terrible.
    • Babies and farm animals are born with terrible deformities.
    • Both animals were born with skeletal deformities which Mr Hanrahan says continue to be a regular occurrence on his farm.
  • 2

    (of mind, character)
    deformación femenino
    • As plastic surgeons, we deal with deformity, we deal with birth defect, we deal with injuries and there we try to make those patients happy.
    • Bernard is fascinated, though still disgusted at the thought of injury, dirt, or deformity.
    • When spinal deformity, weakness, or immobility is present, height measurement is difficult and inaccurate.
    • But having set up Let's Face It, a charity to support the disfigured, she has seen how severe facial deformity has destroyed the lives of so many.
    • They saw beyond his external condition of deformity and poverty and perceived a different kind of beauty.
    • In some ways, deformity is a lot more difficult to handle than disability.
    • This made removal difficult or impossible without a great deal of scarring and deformity.
    • Any abnormality or change of these chromosomes causes congenital deformity and abnormal function.
    • Arm span measurement is difficult and inaccurate in the presence of weakness or of joint or spinal deformity.
    • In Delacroix's mind, too, disease, deformity, and physical frailty marked the privileged creator.
    • If left untreated scarring and deformity can occur.
    • Where no other complications exist, surgery promises almost complete relief from pain, deformity and disability.
    • Even those who don't flinch at the sight of physical deformity may be socially uncomfortable around someone with a handicap.
    • Her flowing, black hair that reached the back of knees shone in the filtered sunlight and her complexion showed no trace of scar or deformity.
    • The most common deformity of all was a condition of the chicken's hock (what would be our knee).
    • Early treatment of the chicks by a veterinarian can often prevent the actual loss of a toe, although a scar or deformity sometimes remains for life.
    • Of the group, 1127 had problems like neuropathy and deformity and 536 patients suffered from infections.
    • Despite prompt intervention, including drainage under general anaesthetic, cosmetic deformity proved difficult to avoid.
    • Delays in getting treatment for injuries could lead to people suffering disability, deformity and pain, doctors warn.
    • Many patients usually wish to conceal their condition as far as possible, to avoid embarrassment and being stigmatised by visible physical deformity.