Traducción de defuse en Español:


desactivar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈfjuz//diːˈfjuːz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bomb) desactivar
    (atmosphere/situation) distender
    (anger/crisis) calmar
    • King Frederick William IV, who was crowned in 1840, defused the situation.
    • The situation was defused by quick-thinking American officers who had their men take a knee, visibly disarm, and then back off slowly.
    • Earlier Tuesday, rebels manning the blockade ambushed an army truck, killing at least four soldiers and wounding two others shortly after troops defused a roadside bomb, officials said.
    • Grimly, he picked up a manual on defusing explosive devices and began to skim through it, just in case.
    • After the first three blasts, disposal experts tried to defuse a fourth bomb but failed, and it exploded, injuring one officer.
    • What means have our rulers employed to defuse anger over fiscal privileges?
    • It is learnt that more changes in the civil administration are also in the offing as part of the ongoing efforts to defuse the tense situation.
    • The army began searching the area on Friday and is defusing explosive devices strewn around the area by the blasts.
    • A tourist attraction to open in France will invite visitors to race a motorised gondola, crack a safe and save the world from destruction by defusing a nuclear bomb.
    • To some, it seemed like both men's actions were crucial in defusing a potentially explosive situation.
    • But he was trotted out for the media and expertly defused what was an overblown tiff.
    • The device was defused by police bomb disposal experts.
    • For months even men defusing bombs had no protection against blast because they worked without bullet-proof vests.
    • How on earth do you defuse these tricky devices?
    • The alternate is that the nuclear crisis should be defused peacefully through dialogue.
    • Detectives defused the bomb, which was found under a pot plant outside the pub.
    • Back then it was Deacon's intervention which helped defuse the row.
    • Some competitors had already passed the part of the route where army explosives experts were brought in to defuse a live device.
    • One died this morning, trying to defuse an improvised explosive device.
    • If we don't defuse these time bombs quickly, they will quite literally explode in our faces one morning as we open the newspapers.
    • With a joke and a smile he was able to defuse many a tense situation and his presence in any room was unmistakable.
    • Should you decide to defuse a bomb, don't worry about which wire to cut.
    • Disraeli saw its dangers and wished to take steps to quickly defuse the gathering tensions.
    • Honest and timely disclosure may defuse anger when people feel that information is not being withheld.
    • Meanwhile, bomb experts were defusing a hand grenade found near a Buddhist temple when a second grenade exploded about 50 metres away, wounding three people.
    • Security guards patrolling the area informed police, who in turn notified the Bomb Disposal Unit, who defused the explosive device.
    • He summoned the police, the van turned out to be packed full of a terrorist's explosives, and the bombs were defused.
    • Can they defuse the crisis in time to avert a potential nuclear war?
    • With their friendly but firm goodwill and common sense they were able to defuse many potentially dangerous situations and undoubtedly saved many lives.
    • The demolitions expert defused the bomb about 10 minutes later.
    • I can't help thinking that if Chuck were alive, he would have handled this unsavory, unneighborly encounter much better than I, for he was an expert at defusing tense situations.
    • Now he is trying to defuse the crisis that the warmongers have created.
    • Many of the policemen injured had gathered to see the device being defused.
    • At around 9.30 pm, the explosive disposal squad was in place to defuse the bomb.
    • A bomb squad arrived, along with officers from the police's Mobile Brigade, and defused the bombs that were equipped with timers.
    • Police don't know whether he was trying to defuse the bomb, or whether he deliberately detonated it, killing himself.
    • The ploy was intended to defuse tensions and pre-empt a possible rebellion in the Campo.
    • Acknowledge their behaviour to defuse confrontation and to help prevent a recurrence.