Traducción de degrading en Español:


degradante, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪˈɡreɪdɪŋ//dəˈɡreɪdɪŋ/


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    • Calling him a liar, a thief, a moron, a traitor, and a hundred other degrading names does nothing to help our nation.
    • How dare he humiliate her in this degrading way.
    • Asylum-seekers have long faced such degrading treatment.
    • Were the jurors who looked over this degrading garment imagining one of their own children being forced to wear it?
    • But if he's captured in a humiliating or degrading way, it may discourage people from joining the movement.
    • Cabin staff and passengers alike witnessed the degrading and humiliating scene of the women being dragged the full length of the cabin.
    • What hurt me was the baseless accusations, the seeming refusal to actually read and understand what I was trying to say, and the degrading implications that I was hysterical.
    • What did she ever do to deserve such degrading treatment?
    • To get by and earn at least some money, many are forced into degrading and menial work.
    • I also had to continue to line up at the welfare office and go through a degrading means test to secure a childcare subsidy that didn't even come close to covering the cost of daycare.
    • The time has come for a Basic Income Grant as one way of responding to the degrading poverty that plagues our country and weighs heavily upon our minds and morality.
    • They have been subjected to the most degrading treatment and have been tortured to extract confessions from them.
    • The European Revised Social Charter requires EU states to ban all forms of corporal punishment and any other forms of degrading treatment of children.
    • All but two have been very pleasant (one made racially degrading statements to me, and the other was just plain mean), but those two make it hard for all the others.
    • And our shame is doubled when we subject guests to such a degrading experience.
    • ‘It exposed a level of degrading and humiliating treatment of elderly people that should not be tolerated in this or any other society,’ he said.
    • For three years we have been forced to do this degrading, humiliating work for them.
    • Regarding the incident as one more humiliation in a degrading illness, I shuffled down the hall to a dirty, cramped toilet compartment.
    • A very unfortunate aspect of capital punishment, in my opinion, is the degrading effect it can have on the community.
    • She went on to explain the degrading treatment workers receive from management.