Traducción de delegate en Español:


delegar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛləˌɡeɪt//ˈdɛlɪɡeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to delegate sth to sb delegar algo en algn
    • she refuses to delegate responsibility to her assistants se niega a delegar responsabilidad en sus ayudantes
    • It is not a task that should be delegated to unelected officials.
    • Identify the person or persons delegated by the sport code to be the contact people.
    • Similarly, if a questionnaire is sent to a manager in a firm, the task may simply be delegated to someone else.
    • I think he has a real problem with delegating authorities.
    • Because of all these things, I was delegated rights outside the frame of an Honorary Consul's duties and functions.
    • If an application is given to committee it takes longer to reach a decision, so the Government encourages local authorities to delegate the decision to planning officers.
    • Other tasks have been delegated to European institutions.
    • Authorities have been delegated, but basic services (at the local level) have not been up to par.
    • In this process the sovereignty of the people is delegated to the representatives.
    • The Burmese delegated women to perform this step of the process, also.
    • Recognizing he's been trying to do too much, he decided to delegate some authority.
    • They can delegate that authority to an institution like this one, whose duty it is to follow the limit.
    • It is also advisable to delegate someone as responsible in the case of a disaster.
    • The Deputy Attorney General may not delegate such authority.
    • Very many years ago I was delegated the job by my then ward of going through the pile of CVs submitted for nomination to our then Euro constituency.
    • They're not known to delegate authority to the subordinate units.
    • The difficulty has resided in how the governing body has chosen to delegate ranking authority.
    • Managerial tasks could be delegated to others.
    • Now that states have responsibility for the registration list, this task should not be delegated to localities.
    • All of them authorised the trustees to delegate their powers.
  • 2

    to delegate sb to + inf delegar a algn para que + subj
    • This is a document that delegates someone you know to make health care decisions for you that are in line with your choices.
    • The committee delegated members of the council to enter into negotiations with a suitable bar and catering contractor.
    • The committee agreed to delegate authority to the Director of Strategy and Planning to approve the plans, subject to negotiations to secure a one-way system.
    • The Presidency may also delegate a judge or a staff member of the court to supervise the conditions of detention.
    • ‘Often we delegate a student in our group to go to attend lectures, and then everybody borrows the notes,’ he says.
    • It is our right to determine who enters the country and we democratically delegate the authority to uphold this right to the Federal government.
    • He explained that the aid agency announced through loudspeakers that refugees from each village should delegate someone to receive rice.
    • The committee agreed to give planning officers delegated authority to approve the two outline schemes, subject to a number of conditions.
    • She ‘may have to delegate a bit more authority to her deputies to offset her scant experience in running a big government agency like this,’ he said.
    • It was decided to invite new members to the committee and current members were delegated to do so.
    • Finally Euan's table gets down to five or six players and I'm delegated to move over and make up the numbers.
    • The British bombardment hadn't been that bad, but he had to delegate uninjured soldiers to care for the wounded.
    • So we were delegated to write this letter and pose the question: if other towns can offer this type of service, why can't we?
    • His book seems more directly aimed at the stakeholder - the business professional who is responsible for hiring or delegating someone to design a site.
    • The government will introduce the legislation necessary to delegate the authority to the community committees so that they may implement the policies decided by the committee.
    • We can delegate the authority to train and bring up our children to someone else but never the responsibility.
    • Council planning officers have delegated powers to authorise masts of any height without taking the application to committee.
    • I've delegated three people to rectify the problem, but none of them seem to know what the problem is.
    • In the past he has delegated someone to read those that are written in languages he finds difficult.

verbo intransitivo

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  • 1

    (to meeting)
    delegado masculino
    delegada femenino
  • 2

    (to party convention)
    delegado masculino
    delegada femenino
  • 3

    (in House of Representatives)

    representante de un territorio que aún no ha adquirido categoría de estado