Traducción de delight en Español:


placer, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈlaɪt//dɪˈlʌɪt/


  • 1

    placer masculino
    deleite masculino
    she could not conceal her delight no podía disimular el placer que sentía
    • to take delight in sth disfrutar / gozar con algo
    • he takes great delight in teasing his sister disfruta / goza enormemente haciendo rabiar a su hermana
    • to my delight, she won ganó, para gran alegría mía
    • The end of a wonderful game played in the spirit of friendship and harmony much to the delight of everyone.
    • Fabulous performances throughout, and the excitement and delight of the crowds is contagious.
    • Once more, the delight of the crowd is fundamental to this strategy.
    • Rowena looked at the picture also, at the delight on all three faces.
    • Washed by the summer rain, the green leaves have glistened, much to the delight of the tourists.
    • She cast the door aside with a big wave of her hand, much to the delight of the girls behind her.
    • This is not the easiest musical combination to classify, much to the delight of its purveyors.
    • How many loves have shared such pure delight?
    • Williams uncharacteristically lets the advantage slip, much to the delight of the crowd.
    • The delight on her face is teaching me a lesson which marks my soul deeply.
    • He took great delight that she had already started her golf lessons.
    • They invest a few pennies per customer per year in customer delight.
    • The place was overflowing the girls, squealing in delight, holding cameras and cheering.
    • While dark clouds loomed the rain held off, much to the delight of participants and audience alike.
    • He took great delight there to go to the bookbinders' shops and lie gaping on maps.
    • Pursue him to your heart's delight, because I do not care.
    • He'll grin and squeal with delight, and ignore me completely, which I'm fine with.
    • Short, sweet and - you can imagine the perverse delight I have in pointing out - completely wrong.
    • How do you create customer satisfaction, customer delight, and customer ecstasy?
    • And the grin of delight on the faces of the suppliers said it all.
    • Our patients expressed sheer delight in participating in this effort.
    • To the dismay of its critics and the delight of its fans, romantic comedy is a formula genre.
  • 2

    (source of joy)
    placer masculino
    her happiness was a delight to see daba gusto verla tan feliz
    • Mid-year on the far north coast is a gardener's delight, so get out there and enjoy it.
    • Let me be maudlin and say the book is a sheer delight.
    • The programme promises to be a delight for the connoisseurs of music.
    • Enjoy culinary delights at international food booths representing more than 40 countries.
    • So please come one and all and be dazzled by the delights of our talented local artists.
    • All disciples of cinematic perversion know too well the delights of suffering in the face of intense pleasure.
    • No wonder so many people brave the dark roads to sample the delights on offer.
    • When harvested they make even the simplest meal seem like a gourmet delight.
    • Meanwhile, the city has become a gleaming, shining pretty pearl in a box of pleasures and delights.
    • Here I let the tide push me along the wall and savoured the marine delights on offer.
    • You could say it's their gastronomic delight, their favourite treat.
    • And there are the quickie meals for those who have no time to enjoy culinary delights at a leisurely pace.
    • On account of the gastronomic delights, I actually recommenced my walking while there.
    • Bored of earthly delights, he takes his compulsion for pleasure to the nth degree.
    • True, this leads to potential confusion when ordering from the smorgasbord of delights at a fish and chip shop.
    • The 4,000 sq. ft. lounge is a pure visual delight.
    • Now to sample the culinary delights of America.
    • Adults too can relax and enjoy the delights on offer at many of the places around the region.
    • Not just for honeymooners, Florence has art, architecture and culinary delights on every sculptured corner.
    • Not one, but three spectacular performance artists delivered their delights to a capacity crowd.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make very happy) llenar de alegría
    (give pleasure to) deleitar
    his success delighted them su éxito los llenó de alegría
    • the clown delighted the children el payaso hizo las delicias de / deleitó a los niños
    • music to delight the ear música que es un deleite / placer para el oído

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to delight in -ing deleitarse + ger
    • he delights in playing practical jokes se deleita haciendo bromas