Traducción de delighted en Español:


de alegría, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪˈlʌɪtɪd//dəˈlaɪdəd/


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    (grin/look) de alegría
    his delighted parents sus contentísimos padres
    • to be delighted
    • I'm delighted (that) you can come me alegra mucho que puedas venir
    • I told him the news and he was delighted le di la noticia y se alegró muchísimo
    • to be delighted at sth
    • we were delighted at his success/the news su éxito/la noticia nos causó una enorme alegría / nos llenó de alegría
    • to be delighted with sth/sb estar encantado con algo/algn
    • he was delighted with the toy/his teacher estaba encantado con el juguete/su profesor
    • to be delighted to + inf
    • I am delighted to hear it no sabes cuánto / cómo me alegro
    • we'll be delighted to accept your invitation aceptamos encantados / con mucho gusto su invitación
    • I'd be delighted to help yo ayudaría encantado / con mucho gusto
    • will you come? — (I should be) delighted (to) ¿vendrá? — con mucho gusto
    • delighted to meet you encantado de conocerlo
    • We are both delighted to be playing our football in England and it has happened because of hard work.
    • But then there were tiny footprints, and then a delighted squeal.
    • When she sees him, her eyes widen, and she smiles a delighted grin.
    • He looked at her in a kind of delighted amusement, while she reddened even more.
    • The woman was looking at her with a sarcastic yet delighted grin.
    • The delighted new father cuddling his tiny baby cannot help but catch your attention.
    • The baby was born in a matter of minutes and I gave her straight to her delighted mum.
    • Some clearly delighted that the one-month ordeal holed up in the compound was over.
    • The wheels gently bumped the ground, bringing a delighted smile to her lips.
    • Instead of being rewarded with a delighted smile, there was an awkward, bitter smirk.
    • The result is a delighted audience, hanging on to find out how the quest ends.
    • I held it up so she could see and she let out a delighted squeal.
    • He was not at the count as he was unable to take a day off work but delighted supporters phoned to let him know the result.
    • ‘He got down on one knee and popped the question,’ says an obviously delighted Linda.
    • She added a wry smile as three slightly confused expressions dissolved quickly into delighted laughter.
    • Yes, I'm absolutely delighted, for all the wrong reasons.
    • It was a source of delighted surprise to his friends to discover his expert knowledge of food and wines.
    • He is patently delighted that his story is to be made into a film, any kind of film.
    • I even wrote an essay about the joys of dentistry which was presented to my delighted dentist.
    • Ben smiled a delighted smile, took a deep breath and began to sing.