Traducción de delivery en Español:


entrega, n.

Pronunciación /dɪˈlɪv(ə)ri//dəˈlɪv(ə)ri/

nombrePlural deliveries

  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      entrega femenino
      we guarantee speedy delivery of orders garantizamos la pronta entrega de pedidos
      • how much do you charge for delivery? ¿cuánto cobran por el envío / transporte?
      • these crates are awaiting delivery estas cajas están por entregar
      • to pay on delivery pagar a la entrega / al recibo de la mercancía
      • before noun delivery charges gastos de envío / transporte
      • delivery period plazo de entrega
      • delivery service servicio de reparto a domicilio
      • delivery truck / (British) van camioneta de los repartos
      • The deregulation of letter delivery is only the latest measure in the break up of the state-run postal services that has been underway for two decades.
      • When he complained, he claimed one postman told him delivery of letters to homes in his street was a ‘goodwill’ service, as it depended on staff working overtime.
      • The delivery of supplies - the inputs needed for manufacturing - leaves much to be desired.
      • Later, tube systems were enlarged, and new ones opened not only for the transport of telegrams but also for individual and bulk deliveries of letters and parcels.
      • At night, it became a parcel sorting platform for the parcel office for delivery next day.
      • When making your request, please consider the time it takes for delivery of an airmail letter and that visa applications take time to be processed by your local embassy or consulate.
      • A total of 400 litres of organic milk is currently being bottled on the farm daily for doorstep delivery and also for supplying an organic co-operative in the North of England.
      • While letter delivery in the UK is a lucrative market, the profitability of door-to-door services is not uniform throughout the country.
      • Although the supply of tropical plants was down and hygiene services were disappointing, security services, parcels delivery and facilities management were very successful.
      • Two profound changes in our society have enabled small companies such as us to survive: the Internet and parcel delivery systems.
      • The leading supplier in home delivery of specialty medical supplies including diabetes testing kits.
      • He suggested that the students attempt delivery of the letters through the military.
      • He should be thankful for the container because that's all he got after he received a notice from the Vincent post office that a parcel too big for delivery had arrived.
      • The petition calls on the government to intervene to stop the planned deregulation of letter post delivery.
      • Blanch wrote home every day and bundled her letters for delivery to Philadelphia about once a month.
      • The mode of delivery is either express parcel post or courier, which means the customer would be holding the book he ordered just a couple of days later.
      • I went to see the relative of a friend of mine, to drop off a letter for delivery by private courier.
      • We have to treat this matter as urgent and to request your reply within seven days of the date of delivery of this letter.
      • Think of rechecking the parcel delivery, rechecking the phone call.

    • 1.2(occasion)

      reparto masculino
      is there a delivery on Saturdays? ¿hay reparto los sábados?
      • Bulgarian cigarettes production and Bulgarian tobacco deliveries will depend on the market situation.
      • Resorts can only be built on deserted islands, and must be of a high standard, all with their own generators, desalination plants and produce deliveries.
      • The College received a delivery of 13 new computers recently, bringing the very latest technology to one of the school's two computer rooms.
      • ‘In the absence of such a delivery, some normal services will have to be suspended at close of business tomorrow,’ said the chief executive.
      • Andrea has become a familiar sight on the estate each Friday behind the wheel of her van bringing deliveries of fruit to the community.
      • He's also very keen to sell me on the merits of his new menswear collection, the very first deliveries of which are currently reaching his stockists.
      • Agents say that they sending back over fifty percent of some deliveries because their products don't sell very well.
      • Do not disappoint with a late delivery or insufficient product or supply.
      • If deliveries and installations fall behind, the domino effect will cause your entire project to be delayed.
      • We were shown round after lunch, when the first of two daily deliveries of fresh produce was still awaited.
      • They are then collected and distributed to the in-house marketplaces that form the link between incoming freight deliveries and the production line.
      • You could also buy kitchen utensils, towels, sheets, etc., and there were occasional deliveries of nylons and dress materials.

    • 1.3(consignment)

      partida femenino
      remesa femenino

  • 2literario

    liberación femenino
  • 3

    (of baby)
    parto masculino
    alumbramiento masculino formal
    before noun delivery room sala de partos femenino
    • Caesarian deliveries were occasionally performed in the Middle Ages, but carried with them connotations of the devil, as the child would be not of woman born.
    • Sometimes, during the process of delivery, the nerves passing through the babies shoulder get damaged, resulting in paralysis of the arm.
    • Plans show delivery and birthing rooms, recovery areas and related facilities.
    • Spontaneous miscarriage, premature delivery and stillborn birth are possible results of an infected foetus.
    • The sauna has traditionally been associated with medical care; women commonly gave birth in saunas before hospital birth delivery became the norm.
    • Premature birth was defined as delivery at or before 33 weeks.
    • Other risk factors may include premature delivery, very low birth weight, and injuries to the brain at birth.
    • However, most health care professionals now agree more research is needed into the relative risks of home birth and hospital delivery.
    • La-ongta carried the baby elephant for almost 22-months and completed a safe delivery producing a healthy female specimen.
    • The frequency of change to instrumental delivery and resuscitation at birth illustrates that many of the cases were probably infected in utero.
    • After the face-to-face meeting, the woman is followed up until her delivery; and the birth outcome is recorded.
    • Major malformations are often noted at delivery or shortly after birth, and a genetic consultation is usually requested prior to discharge from the hospital.
    • This study evaluated the rates of cesarean delivery related to birth weight and GDM.
    • It's quite common for women to suffer some discomfort after childbirth, particularly if there was an episiotomy - a cut to make delivery easier.
    • My mother is in the delivery room, giving birth to her son.
    • Guys who have been in delivery rooms watching their wives give birth will know what I am talking about.
    • We set out to determine the effect of fetal sex on birth weight, duration of labour, mode of delivery, and birth outcome.
    • The move has forced pregnant women who have been receiving care in private clinics to be sent to public hospitals for delivery or to give birth in private clinics requisitioned by the government.
    • The PSAs encourage audiences to learn more about sudden infant death syndrome and the risk factors for low birth weight and premature delivery.
    • A California woman is suing a hospital for wrongful death because her husband fainted and suffered a fatal injury after helping delivery room staff give her a painkilling injection.
  • 4

    (manner of speaking)
    expresión oral femenino
    • Despite that staccato speech delivery, full of furious, angry pecks at soundbites, party delegates rose at the March conference to an unprecedented show of support and genuine affection.
    • The workshop also highlighted the importance of dialogue delivery and the manner in which it should be done.
    • In those days, his stilted style, forced delivery, and wonky timing were virtues, reinforcing our sense of his hypothetically heartwarming kidness.
    • Rhetoric has everything to do with delivery, with speech, with performance, the act of constructing an oration simply being the first step.
    • Following the collision he became moody and headstrong, his speech delivery was very slow and he walked with a slow shuffling gait due to a spastic right leg.
    • Truman's early speeches were insipid in delivery.
    • But just as important as the main thrust of the speech, was its delivery.
    • The goal: to improve listening skills, speech delivery, and responsiveness.
    • Its lack of responsiveness to issues of the day certainly did not befit that image, he said in a speech prepared for delivery at a conference of the Council on Higher Education.
    • He has had a career resurgence in recent years as a new generation discover his disarmingly relaxed performances, his superb delivery and smooth voice.
    • This attention to performance, which is now part of the general academic world, is matched - more unusually - by an impressive and entertaining style of delivery.
    • He was casually dressed, his speech was mediocre in delivery, but most tellingly, his body language conveyed a cool arrogance.
    • His style of delivery can be rather dull, but when the audience is paying close attention, the cadence of his speech patterns work to his advantage in that medium.
    • This summer has seen his profile ‘take-off’ as audiences and critics alike warm to his persuasive style and stage delivery.
    • His instant quips, political satires, fluent dialogue delivery and appreciable humour has been the driving force behind the success of this program.
    • Your delivery, intonation, diction and fluency are all wrong, and you remind me of someone who hangs about on street corners, opening your jacket and trying to sell people things.
    • In fact for relaxed and comfortable yet crystal sharp delivery of political speeches, to either an audience or a TV camera, he may have been the best there ever was.
    • The manner in which he conducted branch meetings or indeed his professionalism in his delivery of addresses and speeches at formal functions would be sadly missed.
    • My speech, my delivery, my pauses - that's me, not a put-on.
    • Haven't we all found the quality of our speech delivery changing with our feelings as we experience thrill, anger, fear, joy or other such strong emotions?
  • 5

    • 5.1Deporte

      lanzamiento masculino
      • He has a compact delivery, and he finishes it well with his back parallel to the ground.
      • Very soon the umpires' only duties could be to count the deliveries and call no balls and wides!
      • He relies on a hard sinking fastball thrown with a sidearm delivery.
      • There were too many short and wide deliveries sent down and many no balls bowled.
      • Hitters have their own nominees for bowling ball pitchers, whose deliveries reverberate through their arms and bodies when they make contact.
      • He has an easy delivery, his ball jumps and his control is excellent.
      • It was encouraging for Ireland's defenders to find their deliveries producing results.
      • It isn't common knowledge today, but he threw his blazing fastball with a sidearm delivery.
      • A splitter thrown with a three-quarters delivery, for example, doesn't always produce results.
      • When he is ahead in the count, he likes to drop down to a sidearm delivery and throw a two-seam fastball or hard slider.
      • And why do batters feel as if they're hitting a bowling ball when they connect against certain pitchers' deliveries?
      • The Indian captain tried a cut shot and was caught behind just three deliveries later to give the bowler a wicket in his very first over.
      • Most are hard throwers with flawed deliveries and crude breaking balls; otherwise, they would be starters.
      • The Laws of Cricket and the ICC playing regulations both prohibit the bowling of underarm deliveries.
      • He is indispensable, not just because of his captaincy skills, but also for his ability to play spin and send down medium pace deliveries.
      • Now to another heinous crime in sport: illegal bowling deliveries in cricket.
      • He has an easy delivery and can throw multiple pitches, making him a solid candidate for a long career as a closer.
      • But on its own a yorker is nothing more than a delivery in cricket which pitches under the bat.
      • A bowler who when delivering the ball bends his elbow and then straightens it at release is deemed to sending a delivery that is not legal.
      • The home team produced a testing delivery which the batsman was only able to block.

    • 5.2US Deporte
      (manner of throwing)

      estilo de lanzamiento masculino