Traducción de delouse en Español:


despiojar, v.

Pronunciación /diːˈlaʊs//diˈlaʊs/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • But I've had a shave, a haircut, I've been deloused.
    • A laundry was established where inmates were washed and deloused; DDT was used on everyone in the camp and in all the huts to prevent the spread of typhus.
    • A victim of racism and classism, the asthmatic loner finds himself being degraded in every way imaginable, including a delousing that will make your scalp recoil.
    • Among the substances currently being studied for their potential as delousing agents in salmon are the pyrethroid insecticides.
    • Overall, 56 of the children were treated using the Bug Busting method and 70 using over-the-counter delousing products.
    • American consumers - and especially the military, which had used pyrethrum for delousing front-line troops - howled for the development of a suitable substitute.
    • He bragged that he could remove his shoes and drive flies from your hangar, delouse your dog from 50 feet and, if the wind was right, even delay the sunrise for up to an hour.
    • We delouse everybody when they come in and once a week after that.
    • All entered the prison through The Fort gates, into the foreboding search and delousing room immediately inside the gates.
    • Pay a visit to the camp infirmary, get your clothes deloused, or just park yourself in the latrine and fight that nasty case of amoebic dysentery you picked up along the way - it's up to you.
    • The development of the Zyklon gas chamber was transferred from sanitary practices of delousing.
    • Then they made us strip, hosed us down with cold water, and sprayed us with a delousing powder.
    • No, the donkey shipment had already been cleaned and deloused.
    • He was bathed; and scrubbed; and deloused; and perfumed.
    • People were deported to the camps in cattle cars, and upon arrival, usually separated from their families, tattooed with a serial number, deloused, and completely shaven.
    • He's assigned to the inmate group and is stripped naked, deloused, and given a potato sack-style uniform with the number 77 etched on the front.
    • After looking at the beautiful girl some more, they decide to go get deloused and cleaned up.
    • Using this knowledge, ARS and military entomologists came up with a system for mass delousing of civilian populations.
    • Where possible, the army arranged for the men to have baths in huge vats of hot water while their clothes were being put through delousing machines.