Traducción de demon en Español:


demonio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdiːmən//ˈdimən/


  • 1

    • 1.1Mitología

      demonio masculino
      • From that there can be no doubt that the power of a demon is destructive - his purpose in dominating the personality is to destroy it.
      • But there is simply no credible evidence to suggest the boy was possessed by demons or evil spirits.
      • Can a pharmacist refuse to fill a prescription because he or she believes the client is possessed by demons?
      • Early Christian art painted demons and devils as black figures.
      • ‘People who lived on the streets due to the abuse of drugs, were not mentally deranged but possessed by demons,’ he said.
      • This type of dragon was considered by many to be the intermediate stage between a demon and the Devil and as such came into Christian belief.
      • On Japanese art objects, Kintaro is usually shown fighting with a wild animal or a demon.
      • As well as animal forms, demons can have other grotesque and hideous forms.
      • In the first one I look like some evil demon has possessed me.
      • Shadows of beasts and demons flickered bigger-than-life on the walls.
      • At any rate, the talk show host was advising a father who thought his son was possessed by a demon.
      • Frescoes of demons and spirits writhe across the walls of its prayer halls, and the drone of absorbed monks fills dim rooms and corridors.
      • Indeed, they would conclude that he was possessed by an evil demon.
      • The Japanese culture and arts have been strongly influenced by a wide-spread belief in ghosts, demons and supernatural spirits.
      • In a statement to the inquest, Mr Delstanche senior, said his son was not trying to harm himself but thought he could burn the spirits or demons out of his body.
      • It was a large wave of monsters, made up mainly of ogres and dog demons.
      • The demons and other beasts that escaped banishment hid in the dark places of the world, like the forests and great pits.
      • In Tartini's time, the Devil personified the spirit of evil, a demon, the ruler of Hell, and the chief adversary of God.
      • Tibetans treat the blind as outcasts because they believe they are possessed by demons or have committed evil in a prior life.
      • Possession by a bad spirit (a demon or witch) has been cited as the cause of some of the evil things people do.

    • 1.2informal (naughty child)

      demonio masculino coloquial
      diablo masculino coloquial
      he's a little demon es un diablillo coloquial
      • York trumpeter Greg Wadman heads for Scarborough Jazz on Tuesday, with demon guitarist Trevor Holroyd.
      • For Ben the Bucket, the Dale's demon gardener, the summer has been both a triumph and a tragedy.
      • She had been manipulated by the demon, just as Koreko had been.
      • No, they are not animals, they are evil demons who hide under the cloak of kindness and normality while they hatch their plots.
      • This is the second time in 12 months that Sondheim's demon barber has appeared in London.
      • That, or there's some twisted sadist of a blind, jealous lunatic demon deceiving me.
      • After all, no child could resist the commanding and manipulating voice of a demon.
      • Three, I'm a sadistic demon that delights in your emotional pain.
      • Can this demon conductor possibly be pried away from his beloved Kirov Opera in St. Petersburg and tied permanently to New York?
      • As a sideline he was a classical violinist, a master bridge player and a demon at gin rummy, but golf was where he got his kicks.
      • Our first tests of the company's new speed demon show some impressive performance gains.
      • Remember those occasions when he would have made batting easy for his partners by taking on the demon bowlers all by himself.
      • Why did he go from nearly human to cruel demon in a heartbeat?
      • My wife, Bobbie, and I found the Vietnamese to be sweet people, demon entrepreneurs, not at all unfriendly to us.
      • You play as Jenn who thinks herself a normal girl who likes to have fun, but as the story progresses she learns that she posses demon abilities.
      • Even before the tourists jetted out from Blighty former Australian bowling demon Dennis Lillee delivered a withering a verdict on the England attack.
      • You are just hiding your true feelings; you hate us, you think we are evil wicked demons from hell here to rip you to shreds.
      • She's a triathelete and is a little speed demon.
      • Cotton might not be the demon fabric that performance apparel manufacturers say it is, but I'm going to keep my Under Armour shirt.

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (enthusiast)

      a demon for sth
      • she's a demon for work/exercise es una bestia trabajando/haciendo ejercicio
      • So how odd that Howard should invest so much time and political capital in building a whole speech round this non-existent demon.

    • 2.2(talented person)

      (bowler/shot) (before noun) endiabladamente bueno coloquial
      a demon at sth
      • he's a demon at chess/golf es una fiera / un hacha jugando al ajedrez/golf