Traducción de demote en Español:


bajar de categoría, v.

Pronunciación /diːˈməʊt//diˈmoʊt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (in organization) bajar de categoría
    Militar degradar
    • Gerald, I am sorry to do this but I hereby demote you to the rank of ensign and I am confining you to your quarters till further notice.
    • This must have been nearly as shocking as that dark day lost in history when she was demoted from her position as milk monitor at primary school.
    • Last year the team was demoted from senior ranks but are back up again.
    • Prof McKeon said while employers were deemed to be less understanding and people were less forthcoming in the workplace about their depression, the employers were not engaging in demoting such people or impairing their job prospects.
    • In this context, he was demoted to a position as judge of the dead.
    • He was suspended on a slightly reduced salary for six months, and then he was demoted.
    • No new contract was entered into when he was demoted to the position of customer services assistant.
    • I can't believe they're demoting her to a lower class soldier!
    • Coffey said she was demoted to the copy desk because of her religious beliefs.
    • He stops mid-stride and grins at me… ‘Hey, you can't stop now… keep going or I'll demote you to just being an ordinary hero’.
    • Even if it's just demoting a person or telling a department they have to move elsewhere within the firm, language massaging is crucial.
    • Instead he was demoted two lower grades but was able to collect all his retirement benefits without a hitch.
    • He is demoted from head of ad sales for a major magazine when the company he works for is acquired in a corporate takeover.
    • He was also demoted to private and ordered to forfeit all pay and benefits.
    • Whenever I tell some guy I like him, he demotes me to friendship.
    • Besides simply kicking a player out of a squadron, commanders will be able to permanently ban them and demote players under their rank for the worst offences.
    • I have never known of anybody being demoted or removed from a particular role purely because they cannot manage people.
    • Two of the soldiers were demoted, and all three were ordered to forfeit their salaries.
    • When he was demoted for a disciplinary violation, his mother told him he could leave the academy if he wanted.
    • It's a general rule of management that you never demote anybody important: You fire them, and fast, or else they will sabotage your organization.
  • 2

    (reduce importance of)
    to demote sth to sth rebajar / relegar algo a algo