Traducción de den en Español:


guarida, n.

Pronunciación /dɛn//dɛn/


  • 1

    guarida femenino
    cubil masculino
    a fox's den una zorrera / raposera
    • Bears will seldom den in habitat that is not capable of catching large snowdrifts.
    • The pups emerged from their protective den, pawing the earth in celebration.
    • The spotted hyena spends its day in holes in the ground, or in rocky dens.
    • For example, everyone is familiar with kittens playing together, or has seen film of fox or wolf cubs wrestling and fighting at the mouth of the den.
    • North American river otters build dens in the burrows of other mammals, in natural hollows, such as under a log, or in river banks.
    • They also build dens in stream banks with the entrance underwater.
    • Despite their tiny size, the naked mole-rat family den may stretch for 2 miles entirely underground, with various rooms.
    • When the weather improved they disappeared back to their dens or caves in the forests.
    • Inhabiting thick, wooded country and arid, shrubby areas, jaguars often make their dens in caves, or under overhanging rocks.
    • Others build dens in hollow logs, under tree roots, or in abandoned buildings.
    • Colugos are nocturnal, passing the day in dens in hollow trees or suspended from branches.
    • Allen says it is not unusual to see ski tracks going right over a sleeping bear's den in the middle of winter.
    • Some terriers' tails were cropped because it made it easier for them to get into badger setts, fox dens and the like.
    • One can also speculate that cubs emerging from dens in sub-optimal habitats would experience reduced survival.
    • One smaller, rusty-colored female gathered up the younger pups and herded them back into the den.
    • He studied their habits and habitats and knew exactly when the fox or badger was in the den or sett.
    • We traced the primary crime scene back to a wild coyote den.
    • In the extreme cold of the Arctic winter, hares dig dens in hardened drifts, and, while resting, they sit on their well-furred hind feet hunched into a heat-conserving ball.
    • Skunks, foxes, weasels, opossums and rabbits all use groundhog burrows for their dens.
    • With a muffled growl, the white lycan crawled her way up the narrow tunnel of the den, and stepped out into the world, her world.
  • 2

    (of thieves)
    guarida femenino
    a den of (vice and) iniquity un antro de (vicio y) perdición
    • Now, it has descended into a public den of iniquity used by local youths who have no sense of propriety.
    • The point might have been better made if this Elizabethan underworld wasn't depicted in a way that makes the average children's nursery look like a den of iniquity.
    • They alleged that surveillance indicated the venue was a den of iniquity and a haven for drug users and underage drinkers.
    • Here some doctors worked clandestinely for the separatists and turned it into a den of separatist conspiracies.
    • Such was the popularity of these drinking dens that to meet the demand at the height of the boom in 1760, the Firth of Forth yielded 30 million oysters a year.
    • These are usually rather dark dens of iniquity, in my experience, but not so here.
    • He was sent undercover into the dens of iniquity that made the city famous.
    • It could be a special spot in the woods, or a secret den that you've built with friends.
    • The City had obtained search warrants for various sites suspected of being dens of criminal activity, said communication's officer for the city.
    • With its small garden courtyard, the club looked, from the outside, more like an inconspicuous Renaissance home than a den of dance iniquity.
    • The building was old and derelict, a suitable place for a den of thieves.
    • Escaping to one of the ‘safe’ homes you find a den of thieves who trick you into handing over all your cash.
    • Not all entertainment businesses which cater to young people are dens of iniquity.
    • George and Tony took the gang back to their secret den to discuss what to do next.
    • But Scrushy's incompetence went far beyond allowing a den of thieves to run amok in the finance department.
    • Bombed-out buildings house dens of illicit commerce, while bridges and river banks swarm with a second society.
    • The commission has been looking into a myriad of claims centring on the fixing of races, bribery and gambling dens.
    • Telecommunications have demystified what once were foreboding dens of iniquity - put more simply, the city is a less scary place to be.
    • The bar was condemned anew as a den of iniquity, black with the sins of alcohol and secondhand smoke.
    • As she walked toward a dark alleyway containing a concealed entrance to the labyrinth of thieves' dens called the Maze, she bumped right into a young man in a City uniform, who said a nasty word.
  • 3coloquial

    cuarto de estar masculino
    leonera femenino España coloquial
    (for study, work) estudio masculino
    (for study, work) gabinete masculino
    • After dinner the whole family split up between the den, family room and basement.
    • So I looked on other shelves in the living room, in the den, in the bedroom, and in my office downstairs.
    • To the right of the entrance hall is the original dining room, which has now become a den or winter sitting room with deep lilac walls and a dark wood fireplace.
    • Gabrielle entered what seem to be a den or second living room.
    • No one was in the living room, or the den, so I headed for the kitchen.
    • When my oldest daughter left home, I decided to turn her room into a small den.
    • It is currently used as a home office although given its size it could also be used as a den, games room or sixth bedroom.
    • It was about ten at night so everyone had already retired to their rooms or the den.
    • LeeAnne doubled back and we all went through the living room into a den, which had been set up with streamers and things.
    • Had my father lived, he might have sought my advice the way Nancy's seeks hers, confiding his conflicts in private, in his den.
    • The den, computer room, and bathroom were all empty.
    • Sean was in the den relaxing when he called out to me in the kitchen as I was preparing dinner.
    • Opposite the dining side of the living room is the den, entered by a wide doorway flanked by interior windows.
    • These are the privileged few who had intimate meetings with the candidates in corporate suites and the private dens of the super rich.
    • This bedroom has both a bay and Velux window and could suit a variety of uses such as a den or games room.
    • To the left were six rooms: a living room, a den, a dining area, a kitchen, and the final room was the entire width of the house.
    • Kyle stood and led the two out of the family room into the den, where all of his equipment was stored.
    • Another flight of stairs leads to a good sized attic room which could suit a variety of uses - a den, games room, home office or perhaps a teenager's bedroom.
    • This room would also make an ideal den or music room for teenagers, as it is well away from the main reception area.
    • She turned at the bottom of the stairs and passed through the den to the family room.
  • 4EEUU

    (of Cub Scouts)
    grupo masculino
    • Once a month, all of the dens and family members gather for a pack meeting under the direction of a Cubmaster and pack committee.
    • Cub Scouting members join a Cub Scout pack and are assigned to a den, usually a neighborhood group of six to eight boys.