Traducción de dental nurse en Español:

dental nurse

auxiliar de odontología, n.


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    auxiliar de odontología femenino
    enfermero dental masculino
    enfermera dental femenino
    • The dental nurse held my arm and squeezed it reassuringly while the dentist jammed a needle into my gum.
    • The young dental nurses learnt the ‘ins and outs’ of teeth by carving plaster cast moulds of the jaw, studying from the incisors to the molars.
    • The service had 20 school clinics, staffed by 22 dentists, three dental therapists, and 25 dental nurses.
    • Often dentists will be managing a team of people encompassing dental nurses, hygienists, receptionists and others, so good administrative and managerial abilities are needed.
    • Nearly 200 applicants were dentists, hygienists and dental nurses and a further 200 signed the register as doctors or nurses.