Traducción de departmentalize en Español:


compartimentar, v.

Pronunciación /dəˌpɑrtˈmɛn(t)lˌaɪz//diˌpɑrtˈmɛn(t)lˌaɪz//diːpɑːtˈmɛnt(ə)lʌɪz/

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    • We can try to departmentalize our lives, but it's impossible.
    • Her goal in her writing, says Bandele, is to not departmentalize life into the good and the ugly, but to show all of life and its complexities - ‘what it means to be human.’
    • As philosophy becomes more specialized and departmentalized, its role is to contribute in a ‘detached’ way to the refinement of procedures of thought.
    • Knowledge production cannot be departmentalized from other functions, as is customary in industrial manufacturing.
    • It had to be the departmentalized engineering of society's downfall, I thought.
    • This indicates that the brain is not so departmentalized as sometimes thought.
    • This situation calls upon us to reflect upon how the pragmatics of interdisciplinarity differ in those institutions where disciplines are not tightly departmentalized.
    • For grades 7 and 8, teachers are more departmentalized and instruct in specific content areas such as science, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, and English.
    • Smaller companies with limited resources, as well as large companies that are departmentalized, might be inclined to skip this step.
    • Graduate Studies were not departmentalized in those days, and Fisher ranged over mathematics, science, social science and philosophy.
    • It is a departmentalized retail institution offering a large variety of hard and soft goods, including home furnishings, household linens and dry goods, and apparel and accessories for men, women, and children.
    • The varying curricular positions of journalism are but one example of how the boundaries between communications and English differ in institutions where disciplines are less departmentalized.
    • They agreed that Seagate had become too insular, too slow, and too departmentalized.
    • However, its bureaucracy has gradually become departmentalized and localized.
    • They argue that the traditional delivery results in a number of problems ranging from high student attrition to very disjointed, departmentalized modes of learning that fail to establish any connection from discipline to discipline.
    • Typical is the introduction of ‘flow manufacturing,’ through which a highly departmentalised organisation becomes a one-process organisation, with the aim of increasing productivity and profitability levels.
    • Communications and English are less departmentalized in less research-oriented institutions.
    • Such joint programs are more common in colleges than in research institutions, where working assumptions generally operate within departmentalized disciplines.
    • He hopes this will lead to more cross over between the commercial and editorial teams: ‘Gone are the days when newspaper groups are departmentalised.’