Traducción de dependency culture en Español:

dependency culture

cultura de la dependencia, n.


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    cultura de la dependencia femenino
    cultura del asistencialismo femenino
    • Another new analysis, carried out by Glasgow City Council, shows that Glaswegians are trapped in a dependency culture.
    • Some social watchers believe it's creating a dependency culture rather than independently-oriented teenagers, where ‘Mummy and Daddy will provide indefinitely’.
    • Though they have nothing they contrive, somehow, to keep their self respect, the very antithesis of the dependency culture which has grown up in our own country.
    • However an inability to let go of our hopes and desires leads men to seek artificial solutions from the pharmaceutical industry, breeding a dangerous and risk-laden drug dependency culture.
    • Far from rolling back the state, privatisation institutionalises the corporate dependency culture.
    • Yet the same government also fuelled the dependency culture with its incapacity benefits system.
    • We are trying to move them away from the dependency culture and help encourage these people to be self-sufficient.
    • These observations are painfully correct, as are the concerns raised about our dependency culture and the class-war scores undertaken by too many of our politicians.
    • The extent of the country's dependency culture has been revealed with research showing 70% of working-age people in one of the country's most deprived areas are receiving state benefits for ill health.
    • The 1996 federal welfare reform law struck a massive blow against the dependency culture.
    • This electoral demography provides an unassailable base for a dependency culture that dominates the political process.
    • But, for business, the issue is how the enterprise culture can displace the dependency culture.
    • It creates a high dependency culture that tends to undermine local economic growth and threaten local services.
    • The subsidy system is mainly based on how much land or how many animals you have and it has created a dependency culture.
    • But prevalent opinion had it that the poor law had been a bad thing for England, encouraging the growth of a dependency culture.
    • It points up the country's continuing dependency culture which afflicts all social classes, namely that wherever there is a problem we tend to look to government or someone/something else to deliver the solution or change.
    • Yet the contrary twin to this dependency culture is a growing desire to become self-reliant.
    • Donors are left frustrated by the failure of interventions to achieve desired goals and by the growth in affected regions of a dependency culture that saps economic and cultural strength.
    • He further reckoned that the allocation of land with so much financial support from the state was creating a dependency culture and ‘takes away initiative’ in the farming community.
    • The important thing was to get the community on board because we don't want to create a dependency culture.