Traducción de deposition en Español:


deposición, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɛpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n//ˌdɛpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n//diːpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/


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    deposición femenino formal
    declaración femenino
    • It tells the plaintiff, in effect, that he or she cannot even force the defendant to answer questions, in deposition or interrogatories, about what exactly occurred.
    • In fact, what happens is that on a ‘fast track’ plea, police officers do not prepare statements or depositions at all.
    • Several measures, however, have been allowed to shorten the process, including taking of depositions from potential witnesses while open court is not in session.
    • He was sullen and evasive in his videotaped deposition for the governments antitrust case and the judge scolded him for lack of candor.
    • He was a notary, that is a public official who authenticates writings such as deeds and takes affidavits, and depositions.
    • That contradicted her sworn deposition, in which she said board members hadn't named what alternatives should be presented to balance evolutionary theory.
    • No defense attorneys were allowed to be present for his deposition, and now, obviously, they are unable to cross-examine him.
    • Mr Coppel informed us that neither the transcript of the memorandum interview, the video of it, or any other deposition is available to the Respondent.
    • There is no suggestion that any deposition or witness statement should go before the jury in this case.
    • Right now, the lawyers are working on pre-trial hearings, depositions, and evidence gathering.
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    sedimentación femenino
    • The deposition of fat in the body, or the long-term accumulation of fat is dependent on only two things: the number of calories consumed and the number of calories burned.
    • These sandstone monuments display evidence of large-scale catastrophic deposition and immense watery erosion.
    • Each species forms distinct patterns of cell deposition within the annual growth rings, and the growth rings themselves are subject to variation through a number of different factors.
    • There is much evidence for zoning in these calcite crystals and also some evidence for breaks in deposition and even temporary dissolution.
    • The basic task of any excavator anywhere is to understand the series of depositions of various signs of human activity which have taken place since the mound was first occupied.
    • It is known that dense silica deposition in these four cell types occurs sporadically in the epidermis of grasses and bamboos.
    • In a state of the art review article, Chan and colleagues discuss calcium deposition with or without bone formation in the lung.
    • They also agreed that it was impossible to estimate how much deposition would have occurred as a result of this and to what extent this would have influenced the vessel's ability to discharge the full cargo.
    • They are using solution methods such chemical bath deposition to deposit films of semiconductor materials.
    • Silver was deposited near the end of the copper deposition, and most specimens show a combination of silver on copper.
    • Indeed, the gain in weight of both beef and chicken is ‘counterbalanced by excessive deposition of fat’.
    • Weight gain in pregnancy includes such things as fluid retention, fat deposition, fetal size, potential for excess fluid around the baby.
    • The evidence for extremely fast deposition of carbonate caps is excellent in some areas.
    • These chemicals prevented normal calcium deposition during eggshell formation, and caused females to lay thin-shelled eggs that often broke before hatching.
    • It was one of the first minerals to crystallize, and it continued to be deposited throughout the sequence of mineral deposition.
    • Other evidence for the quick deposition of sediment on organisms as seen in a great catastrophe is provided by the presence of soft-bodied organisms in the fossil record.
    • Untreated inflammation can result in cataracts, calcium deposition in the cornea, glaucoma and, ultimately, blindness.
    • Once in the atmosphere, the distribution and deposition of these substances is a function of prevailing winds and weather patterns.
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    (of president, dictator) destitución femenino
    (of king) destronamiento masculino
    • Stratford later supported Edward II's deposition in Edward III's favour.
    • By 1326, Edward's deposition in favour of his namesake son and heir seemed the only alternative to a mean, oppressive, and unsuccessful regime that engendered civil strife.
    • The treasures of a dynasty that survived civil war, deposition and the Great Fire of London are to be displayed to the public.
    • Ironically the media had reported the successful deposition of the leader before the coup had even taken place.
    • The factional conflict erupted into Civil War which resulted in Henry's deposition in 1461 when Richard's son inaugurated the reign of the House of York as Edward IV.
    • The deposition and election of popes by a council obviously had far-reaching implications for ecclesiology: By what authority had these actions been carried out?
    • That July he tabled the motion at the Fascist Grand Council which led to Mussolini's deposition and arrest.
    • The rebels fought the emperor until his deposition in 1974.
    • On his deposition Prince Carol Hohenzollen-Sigmaringen was elected.
    • At the point when his power to command death and to sustain his own life has been arrested, Richard is divested of the spectacular carapace that encases the body of the monarch, his deposition is a fall into subjectivity.
    • In June 1880, the governor of Herat, Ayub Khan, left Herat with a small army, intent on seizing the throne of Kabul left vacant by the British deposition of his elder brother, Yakub Khan.