Traducción de derogate en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈdɛrəɡeɪt//ˈdɛrəˌɡeɪt/

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    to derogate from sth quitarle méritos a algo
    • I don't want to derogate from the fine work you have done, but … no quiero quitarle méritos al magnífico trabajo que has hecho, pero …
    • Nothing in this Statement of Admissions is intended to derogate from the generality of that denial.
    • The Naga way of life and cultural and economic bonds among all the Naga peoples can surely be strengthened without derogating from the integrity of any other Indian State.
    • Moreover, I do not find that her decision to pay down her mortgage by $12,000, derogates from her position in this case.
    • This is a long standing principle and we will not derogate from it,’ replied an official.
    • To view s 104 in this way is not to deny the mandatory nature of the duty, nor to derogate from previous authorities - and there is reference to them.
  • 2

    to derogate from sth desviarse / apartarse de algo
    • However, in the case of total or partial non-payment, Member States may derogate from this rule.
    • Well, your Honour, as I said, it is possible to envisage rules of court that would derogate from section 34.
    • The approach was to apply to the Constitution the presumption, applicable to ordinary statutes, that legislation is not intended to derogate from established common law rights, privileges and immunities.
    • ‘I believe the Government may have derogated from its obligation to protect children who may not have had parental guidance and in some circumstances that has had a detrimental effect in later life,’ he said.
    • Any objective standard would inevitably be uncertain, thus derogating from the ‘rule of law’ principles of maximum certainty and fair warning.
  • 3

    to derogate from sth menoscabar / cercenar algo formal