Traducción de deserving en Español:


meritorio, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈzərvɪŋ//dɪˈzəːvɪŋ/


  • 1

    (case/cause) meritorio
    many deserving students don't get grants muchos estudiantes de mérito no reciben becas
    • the deserving poor los pobres dignos de ayuda
    • If so, then why not see some race or nation or class as more fully human and more deserving of respect and preservation than others?
    • Why is that person more deserving of praise and respect than anyone else?
    • The police are not any more deserving of respect than teachers, nurses or your local hooker.
    • Nobody was going to rush out and build a railroad, or donate half their house-keeping to the deserving poor.
    • Aren't those who shake their heads at our foolishness and naivete more deserving of the label?
    • We must not blame the poor nor place them in categories of deserving or undeserving.
    • Do you know of any fellow citizen, who has lately done a worthy action, deserving praise and imitation?
    • The source of Henry's concern for the poor and deserving is at least known.
    • He scored some really important goals from midfield in the big games and he's a deserving recipient.
    • This is partly because she really does seem to see the rich as more deserving of life than the poor.
    • She is dismissive of talk that the island is any less deserving of public support than any other community in Scotland.
    • Well done to one and all in their fine achievement for a very deserving and worthwhile cause.
    • How dare anyone stay in the game longer than me when I am so much more deserving of my place.
    • Next month judges will draw up a shortlist of 150 names they believe to be most deserving of an award.
    • Hopefully we will have some funds to subsidise special and deserving cases.
    • And we are now asking our readers to vote for who they think is most deserving of the special award.
    • This record doesn't make a good case for him being more deserving of the performance slots.
    • Which is why those most deserving of reciprocal loyalty are treated with the greatest disdain.
    • After many years supporting the event a new managing director at the weekly paper has decided to look at other deserving causes.
    • I felt embarrassed to be the youngest and perhaps the least deserving of them all.
  • 2

    to be deserving of sth ser merecedor / digno de algo