Traducción de designated driver en Español:

designated driver

conductor designado, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdɛsɪɡneɪtɪd ˈdrʌɪvə//ˌdɛzɪɡneɪdəd ˈdraɪvər/



  • 1

    conductor designado masculino
    conductora designada femenino
    chofer designado masculino América Latina
    chofer designada femenino América Latina
    persona que sale en grupo y no bebe por tener que conducir
    • They've come up with a party guide that includes alcohol-free drink recipes for designated drivers, special coasters and red ribbons you can put on your drive as a pledge to drive safe and sober.
    • Unit members selflessly volunteered numerous off-duty hours as dispatchers and designated drivers for the base Airmen Against Drinking and Driving program.
    • Finally, she created a group staff Designated Driver Program, acquiring volunteer designated drivers, thus increasing the probability of a safe return home for all members.
    • The drinkers must agree to support the designated driver in abstaining from alcohol.
    • This year's drink driving campaign includes a reward for designated drivers who have volunteered to provide a safe journey home.
    • Are you playing the designated driver tonight?
    • As a non-drinking male, I discovered a very easy way to meet non-drinking females in a drinking environment: Volunteer to be the designated driver whenever possible.
    • We are saying do not drink and drive, get a designated driver or sleep it off.
    • Bailey can be the designated driver since she's the only underage driver.
    • Kara and Janet were only there as designated drivers, they usually popped around when they had thought their husbands would be needing a lift home.
    • Even if we try our best to behave, we'll still need a designated driver, and who else can we ask?
    • Does that mean that I'll have to be the designated driver?
    • They had been at a party, then went on a beer run while the designated drivers were taking people home.
    • When you go out and drink, have a designated driver.
    • Some general decrease in per capita alcohol consumption and the use of designated drivers has helped.
    • Blaine and Claire had been selected as the designated drivers, and were hard at work figuring out how to properly operate one of the most advanced vehicles ever built.
    • Auto marketers could issue weekend test drives to household influencers - or perhaps to designated drivers.
    • Operators also seem to benefit from the opportunity to sample a years' worth of spirits in an evening, although some might want to arrange designated drivers.
    • Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for the designated driver and others who prefer not to drink alcohol.
    • Save the extra driver cost by choosing a designated driver.