Traducción de desire en Español:


deseo, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈzaɪ(ə)r//dɪˈzʌɪə/


  • 1

    deseo masculino
    anhelo masculino literario
    a desire for sth deseos de algo masculino
    • a desire to + inf
    • he expressed a desire to see his family dijo que deseaba ver a su familia
    • I have no real desire to go into business no me entusiasma la idea de dedicarme a los negocios
    • Now I find it extremely difficult to express myself before them, tell them my problems, my wishes and my desires.
    • They enjoy subjects and activities in which they excel, and they take much notice of the desires and wishes of their parents and teachers.
    • But when they do this on the eve of elections, it is difficult to believe they are motivated by a genuine desire to serve the public.
    • We have very strong feelings, desires and attachments and expectations.
    • Imagination, he says, ‘lets us wander through the jungle of our own wishes and desires.’
    • He raised substantive issues and demonstrated a strong desire to get involved in the public government system.
    • Every time something goes wrong within a public service there is a strong desire to find out why, to legislate and prevent the problem arising again.
    • The film's devastating ending carries more than a hint of a death wish, a terrible desire to cross that final boundary and become one with the animals he loved more than any human.
    • The freedom to share yourself, that is, your passions, your fears, your secret desires, your wishes with others is one of the greatest treasures of mankind.
    • But it also heard of a public desire for resident doctors to be based at the hospital around the clock.
    • Given the strong desires of those who wish to maintain the status quo, however, the plan faces an uphill battle before being adopted.
    • You're a bit of a free spirit, love variety, and have a strong desire to live life to the fullest.
    • Is it due to a genuine desire to enter public life and shape policies or for ulterior reasons?
    • And it is in the recognition of the desires, wishes, and hopes of the majority of those who vote that one can begin to understand the outcome of this election.
    • This is a complex form of addiction as you will have a strong desire to smoke, even if you wish to stop.
    • Like many academics in recent years, he was consumed by the desire to become a public intellectual.
    • He also wished to awaken the desire to dance within the audience.
    • When film stars join politics out of strong commitment or a genuine desire to do public good, their credibility is intact.
    • They don't seem to be listening with regard to the desire of the public to maintain guaranteed benefits.
    • These wishes and desires are even expressed in popular music.
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    deseo masculino
    • It is said that sexual desire is like an inner fire.
    • Jung preferred a libido where the sheer will to live substituted for sexual desire as the main driving force.
    • They are not given the freedom to express themselves and tap into their embodiment of sexual desire through positive social vehicles like film.
    • It's against the notion that things calm down when we get older, when philosophy is supposed to kick in - that the body, the heart and sexual desire develop and age in the same way.
    • Mars is our source of aggression and anger, but also our source of sexual passion and desire.
    • When panderers to sexual desire frequent a location, other appetite providers will follow.
    • A strong sexual desire, it was contended, should be recognised as a sign of health and energy, both for the individual and for society.
    • Longing, sexual desire, emotional emptiness and instability run rampant.
    • Fortunately, today there are lots of options for keeping a woman's sexual desire strong.
    • He said that couples should discuss anything that curb's the man's regular sexual activity, which was not caused by a decrease in sexual desire.
    • Medicines can also affect sexual drive and desire, or cause problems with ejaculation and orgasm.
    • Sexual desire is sexual desire, and under pressure the usual direction of preference may break down.
    • Worldly ambition and sexual desire deflected him from the true path.
    • It was a bond strong enough to drown any sexual desire between us.
    • Such women are mostly presented as sexless in that once their family is complete, they appear to lose all sexual desire and physical charm.
    • From her earliest student shorts, repressed sexual desire has been a consistent undercurrent in the New Zealander's work.
    • It seems to me extremely likely that he would have some desire, some sexual desire.
    • However, sexual desire is sexual desire; does it turn off simply because you are in a loving, intimate relationship?
    • A typical feeling in such a state is the inability to experience sexual desire, captured in this song as well.
    • This evening we're talking about female desire and sexual dysfunction.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(want)

      (success/approval/happiness) desear
      it is to be desired es de desear
      • his conduct leaves a great deal to be desired su conducta deja mucho que desear
      • But what about times when we can not connect a cause to an effect, other than perhaps that one desired it to be?
      • The fortune teller informs her that she desires a large house and has many wishes to fulfill.
      • Similarly, coaches desire swimmers with strong, consistent work ethics.
      • For instance, while every firm desires the great returns earned by those who achieve high status, the nature of status hierarchies is such that only a few can reach the top.
      • If I wish to be associated with someone who does not desire my company, then necessarily one of us will be disappointed.
      • His noteworthy conclusion was that it's not the degree to which you consume food, but the degree to which you crave and desire food that controls your weight.
      • Crucially there is no evidence to suggest that they desire this power, nor that the public wish them to have it.
      • They believe it is all coming to an end, they are almost wishing for it, almost bringing down that reality by desiring it.
      • You desire power for power's sake; he merely wishes to see his friends and family live in peace.
      • The second desired effect of regional policy is to encourage the immigration of more firm investment into a region.
      • Let us say that government desires a strong dollar.
      • The restrictions contradict the wishes of researchers desiring public availability.
      • Halogens are still the light of choice where such effects are desired in a gallery area.
      • If principles are to have their desired effect, they must culminate in practice.
      • Luckily neither of us has issues with desiring the perfect body.
      • Dates are transposed and video carefully edited to create whatever effect is desired.
      • And most of the times we don't know what kind of context we are really providing, no matter how strongly we desire it to be something else.
      • Those words had their desired effect, and her throat instantly clenched up dryly.
      • As a rule of thumb, buyers tend to desire the cars that were the status symbols of their youth, and desired models vary from country to country.
      • I desire her company, and do not wish to have her driven away.

    • 1.2desired past participle

      to have the desired effect producir el efecto deseado
      • cut the wood to the desired length corte la madera a la medida deseada

    • 1.3formal (request)

      rogar formal
      solicitar formal
      to desire sb to + inf rogar(le) a algn que + subj

  • 2

    (lust after)
    (person) desear
    • This is starting to form a divide in our relationship - he still desires me sexually and is understandably hurt when I don't reciprocate.
    • There was really no point in pretending that she didn't desire him with equal intensity.
    • No matter how much I desired her, I had to watch Bernard take her as his wife!
    • Fearful of being shunned by their families, friends, and churches, men who desire other men sexually stay in the closet.
    • All three stories concern the fantasy of a woman desired by several men.
    • We are very vulnerable to anyone who desires us; it's a very powerful thing to be desired by someone, even if we don't think we're interested in that person.
    • Her own ego explodes a little when she realises how many men desire her.
    • I wanted to get as far away from Jason as I could, but I was stuck, and my body desired him.
    • He imagined himself on the beach surrounded by beautiful, scantily-clad women, all desiring him, though he didn't touch any single one.
    • But although he desires her passionately, he is also tenderly in love with her - and it is in the blend of hunger and profound romance that the essence of their relationship lies.
    • I am expected to focus on the man, to desire the man and to hope that he desires me.
    • She enjoys her dream man's taste and she desires him.
    • This basically means showing your man you need, admire and desire him.
    • Here she was sitting in the fading light, next to a man who is clearly desiring her, but all she can think about is… is what?
    • Her dreams had left her desiring him, wanting to know fully what she'd never experienced before.
    • If such a woman desired her own sex, did she nonetheless marry the other?
    • But girls would always desire him - and just want to mother me.
    • He says he desires me so much, but it doesn't make me feel good.
    • How could I get by so thoroughly desiring someone I could never have?
    • I can see it so clearly in his eyes just how much he desires me.