Traducción de desirous en Español:


Pronunciación /dəˈzaɪrəs//dɪˈzʌɪərəs/



  • 1

    to be desirous to + inf estar deseoso de + inf
    • to be desirous of sth
    • we are desirous of your success le deseamos éxito
    • to be desirous that
    • the committee is desirous that you should attend es el deseo de la comisión que usted esté presente
    • Those desirous could even choose this as the main profession.
    • In this era of mass media and information technology, anyone desirous of seeking knowledge of other faiths can do so.
    • In western societies, the family support for higher learning is virtually absent and the desirous youth often find ways of appropriate jobs to support their expenditure.
    • Miles is in Atlanta, still desirous of going into space.
    • It would appear that my previous monographs had been so well received that they are desirous of an encore, a repeat performance, a reprise.
    • At this point I was desirous of dying and disappearing at the same time.
    • Should justice prevail, it will be recorded as ‘a war of terrorism’ against a population desirous of peace and national independence.
    • I was so desirous to please everyone that I did nothing for myself.
    • I cannot be ignorant of the fact that many worthy and patriotic citizens are desirous of having the national Constitution amended.
    • What other endings are less desirous but possible?
    • In the second verse, Duke continues that many of them are desirous of luxury, money, homes, and perceived economic freedom.
    • He makes it quite clear that he dislikes the type of thin trim figures that are portrayed in the media and beauty magazines as beautiful and desirous.
    • A lecture on marriage among these challenged persons preceded the meeting of young people who were desirous of getting married in the immediate future.
    • What's more, I contend that a person who is self-assured and who is not desirous of doing an activity which he/she considers disagreeable will have no need for alcohol.
    • Doctors are often portrayed as sincere and kindhearted people desirous of relieving the suffering of others.
    • A telephone booth was put up in front of the stall, and those desirous of seeking counselling could speak over the phone in privacy and get appropriate advice.
    • This was more or less the situation when European traders arrived with goods that they were desirous of exchanging with the farmers of the mainland and freshwater swamps.
    • And so during holidays, an array of jobs await all those who are desirous of striking gold as early as possible.
    • Whether you believe in evolution, creation or intelligent design, the human male is uniquely designed and desirous to accomplish these tasks.
    • It also offered training for young men desirous of becoming Agricultural Teachers or Land Stewards and the pupils attending the Agricultural School did so as boarders.