Traducción de desktop en Español:


de escritorio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛsktɒp//ˈdɛskˌtɑp/


  • 1

    (calculator/computer) de escritorio
    (computer/calculator) de (sobre)mesa
    • It weighs just 2.9 pounds, but it's a desktop computer, not a notebook.
    • Upon the desk was a desktop computer and other assorted objects.
    • Atop the desk sat a sleek desktop computer, a little red light on the underside of the cordless mouse glowing slightly.
    • Users can hook into the data and services from anywhere, using anything from a wireless handheld device to a laptop to a desktop computer.
    • This could be your web server, a desktop computer running a database client application, or both.
    • More than two-thirds of all students today own either a desktop computer or laptop, while 86% have mobile phones.
    • You can't simply call your mum from your desktop computer if her computer hasn't been set up at the other end to receive the call.
    • Such a calculation takes only a few seconds on a desktop computer.
    • I have a laptop and a desktop computer, and I use them pretty interchangeably.
    • It was even possible to modify the desk in order to hold a desktop computer.
    • Patients in the computer group used a desktop computer to view a multi-media presentation that included graphics and video and audio clips.
    • Against the far wall was a computer desk with a desktop computer, printer and other computer gear on it.
    • Atop his desk were his desktop computer and his folded up laptop.
    • I took my laptop computer out and set it next to a desktop computer that was always kept there.
    • A wireless network of two laptop computers and one desktop computer will cost between €450 and €600.
    • It's based on mathematical formulas that can be run on an ordinary desktop computer.
    • All of my photos are burned onto CD files, stored on my laptop, my desktop computer and again on my portable hard drive unit.
    • I bought a desktop computer and then I bought a notebook computer.
    • Users access standard websites via a host system and a small program downloaded to their desktop computer, which adjusts pages to make them easier to read.
    • Laptops are replacing the old desktop computer, whose days may just be numbered.