Traducción de desperate en Español:


desesperado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛsp(ə)rət//ˈdɛsp(ə)rət/


  • 1

    • 1.1(frantic, reckless)

      (person/attempt) desesperado
      to be desperate estar desesperado
      • they're getting desperate se están empezando a desesperar
      • these are desperate measures estas son medidas tomadas en la desesperación
      • in a desperate struggle for survival tratando por todos los medios de sobrevivir
      • I'm afraid he may do something desperate tengo miedo de que haga alguna locura
      • Because of this realism, though, the final desperate act of the movie is unlikely.
      • Now suppose there is a desperate bandit lurking in the fields and one thousand men set out in pursuit of him.
      • The only person that would commit such a deed would be a desperate criminal, accustomed to a life of outlawry.
      • Try comprehending the situation that would drive someone to this sort of desperate act.
      • They gave their lives in a desperate attempt to save others.
      • Deportation detainees frequently resort to desperate acts to protest their imprisonment.
      • But that doesn't disguise the reality that they are scraping the barrel in a desperate attempt to save a dying industry.
      • Some type of containment is a must in order to capture the most dangerous and desperate criminal we face in law enforcement.
      • In a last, desperate act to save himself, James looked at his watch and pretended to be shocked.
      • Finally, a desperate act of blind revenge led him to the scaffold.
      • The post operator admitted there would be closures in a desperate bid to deal with the financial crisis gripping the company, but said they would not be on the scale that had been claimed.
      • This is all preamble to the final desperate act staged by John and the guards and carried out with great danger and difficulty.
      • Ignored or abused by alcoholic parents, his desperate acts were the only way he could elicit any show of concern from them.
      • With such a tiny enrolment, online education was a desperate act to keep the course viable.
      • The ship was breaking up and the last survivors were making rafts in desperate attempts to save their lives.
      • It is the desperate act of a person who is in deep mental anguish.
      • Charles took this desperate act in an attempt to reinforce his position in Germany.
      • In fact, it is an account of a desperate, doomed attempt to transcend meaninglessness.
      • And it's blowing the lid off of everything that experts believe about the most desperate and dangerous people on earth.
      • In the Wild West, no single lawman could possibly stop a gang of desperate outlaws.
      • The townsfolk were reluctant to pursue them, for they were ill-equipped to chase well-armed and desperate outlaws into the wild, isolated regions where the criminals knew every trail and hiding place.
      • The Narcotics Branch arrested a desperate criminal.
      • A career woman was today in prison after swindling more than £230,000 out of her employer in a desperate attempt to save her marriage.
      • We search the poems as if they are cryptic clues to some hidden meaning that might explain the desperate act.
      • It was a desperate attempt to save his marriage, which was on the verge of breaking up.
      • It was the desperate act of a disgruntled former city employee who was refused his old job back.
      • When farming was invented 10,000 years ago, was it a desperate measure to deal with environmental crisis?

    • 1.2informal (in urgent need)

      where's the bathroom? I'm desperate! ¿dónde está el baño? estoy que no (me) aguanto más coloquial
      • desperate for sth
      • she's desperate for work está desesperada por conseguir trabajo
      • I'm desperate for a cup of tea estoy que me muero por una taza de té
      • desperate to + inf
      • I'm desperate to get home estoy que me muero por / no veo la hora de llegar a casa
      • That they're so desperate for such basic items leaves little doubt about how much longer this aid effort is going to have to be maintained.
      • The weather was desperate - 10 degrees and savagely wet but we still loved every minute, and I think that speaks volumes for this place.
      • It is not a matter of being too proud to accept somebody else's ideas; frankly, we are desperate for them, because there are some problems we simply do not know the answers to.
      • ‘We are desperate for community facilities in the area and here we have something that works, so we should just leave it alone,’ he told the meeting.
      • She's desperate for ice cream, or anything else to eat, tormented by a constant hunger that never, ever goes away.
      • As you can probably tell from the nature of my posts, I didn't really start this off with any kind of plan and now I'm pretty desperate for topics to talk about.
      • I was so desperate for the object of my craving that I almost blurted out, ‘Are you going to buy that?’
      • We are desperate for any offers of support at this stage because we are starting from scratch.
      • But we are desperate for more men and women to join us.
      • I was desperate for some escape from the loneliness and from my own violent mood swings, but I was also determined to finish out the semester.
      • ‘They were so desperate for the warmth of a human being,’ she said.
      • The good thing is that some of the supermarkets sell really cheap jeans and trousers which is what we are desperate for.
      • And we are desperate for more contacts in the UK and abroad.
      • We are desperate for people to come and help us to keep the group running.
      • You know those days when you are just desperate for someone to see things they way you do, to feel the things you feel, to cry over a stupid story, you ache to feel a connection with someone, anyone.
      • ‘We are desperate for people to acknowledge that the council is looking at a city-wide strategy,’ he adds.
      • They were desperate for somebody to do something.
      • The bear meat had run out, and she was desperate for more.
      • We are still desperate for a midfield enforcer.
      • Looking at him, with his horrific face and reedy, boyish voice, I understood that he was just desperate for some sort of acceptance and credibility.
      • As usual in February the weather was desperate with a blizzard and white out conditions as we arrived at car park.
      • They don't know this man, yet, they are so desperate for a human connection, to find that partner, they'll convince themselves this is the guy.

  • 2

    • 2.1(critical)

      (state/situation) grave
      (situation/state) desesperado
      (need) apremiante
      desperate situations require desperate remedies a grandes males, grandes remedios / soluciones
      • the house is in desperate need of repair la casa necesita arreglos urgentes
      • next week will do, it's not that desperate la semana que viene está bien, no hay tanto apuro
      • Developers have been quick to realise the desperate shortage of quality apartments in the city centre and are keen to make the most of the opportunity.
      • Accident victims are being rushed between hospitals or left on trolleys for hours because of a desperate shortage of beds and staff.
      • Private firms are cashing in on the desperate shortage of school teachers.
      • Having said all this, what should be clear is that the pedagogy of teaching creative writing is in desperate need of critical attention.
      • There is a certain kind of quick courage that farmers - still the backbone of our wealth - have always shown in sudden desperate circumstance.
      • ‘No-one would leave their house and family if they were not in a desperate situation, in danger of their life,’ he says.
      • The 20-year-old student was seriously ill and the situation was desperate.
      • With more than 190,000 children already malnourished, and many more at risk, the circumstances are increasingly desperate.
      • The latter was a major concession given the country's dire economic straits and desperate shortage of electricity.
      • Today, there are few hospitals, a desperate shortage of medical supplies, and a massive health crisis.
      • A £2.3m injection of government cash and worldwide recruitment trawls failed to resolve the desperate shortage of staff.
      • I didn't think it was necessarily a bad idea in the desperate circumstances, but they eventually decided against it.
      • We are now in a desperate situation and require urgent action.
      • In London, the housing crisis is very acute, there is a desperate shortage of social housing and with house prices so unreachable for the majority, few people are able to buy.
      • The result is a country - and continent - in desperate need of alternative transportation.
      • But the system within which those teachers are working is in desperate need of reform, in many ways, and at many levels.
      • In its defence, the police service would argue a history of underfunding has led to a desperate shortage of officers across the board.
      • Thousands of people could suffer because a desperate shortage of doctors is threatening the future of two city surgeries.
      • Well Lane was the most dangerous, and was an extremely fast road in desperate need of a pedestrian crossing, she said.
      • Rapid changes in hospital designs, coupled with a desperate shortage, meant that hospitals were a promising field of specialisation for architects.

    • 2.2British informal (awful)