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Pronunciación /dɪˈtɛr(ə)nt//dəˈtərənt/


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    a burglar alarm may act as a deterrent to thieves una alarma antirrobo puede servir para disuadir a los ladrones
    • the nuclear deterrent las armas nucleares como elemento de disuasión / como fuerza disuasoria
    • The nature of the two nations' nuclear deterrents means large sections of the two submarines are off limits to crew members of the twin boat if they are given tours.
    • France and the United Kingdom each rely on just four submarines for their independent nuclear deterrents.
    • Kennedy softened his position on joint nuclear deterrents when he came to understand that failure to agree might bring down his chum's government.
    • Some of his advisers believe you can go as low as 1,500 and still have a credible nuclear deterrent, and think of the cost savings.
    • Originally, North Korea saw a nuclear deterrent as the cheapest and most effective means of defence.
    • An independent nuclear deterrent, the Force de Frappe, was a prestigious symbol of this new policy.
    • First, the submarine-launched ballistic system was recognized as the most survivable element in the triad of strategic nuclear deterrents.
    • So it either goes for total compliance or it races to develop enough of a nuclear deterrent that the USA does not want to risk an invasion.
    • To believe that a nuclear deterrent can do away with a conventional war is a difficult theory to subscribe to.
    • The day of direct action was organised by campaign group Trident Ploughshares over a High Court judgement which ruled that Britain's nuclear deterrent was not illegal.
    • He concentrates on the British independent nuclear deterrent, and concludes that it is an extravagance whose raison d' être expired with the Soviet Union.
    • So North Korea must need some strong, powerful, physical, military nuclear deterrent against America.
    • The irritating midges plague outdoor workers at the home of Britain's nuclear deterrent on Gareloch all year round.
    • In this regard, U.S. ballistic-missile defense programs should not even appear to undermine the viability of Russia's or China's nuclear deterrents.
    • Another was submarine-launched ballistic missiles as a part of the nuclear deterrent of the superpowers.
    • Carver often spoke out in the House of Lords - as a critic of NATO's nuclear policy, and calling for the retention of British nuclear deterrents as superfluous.
    • Their report points out that service personnel have no choice over whether or not weapons such as the nuclear deterrent are used, as this lies in the control of the Prime Minister.
    • Finally, France decided to build its own nuclear deterrent.
    • He insisted on the development of a force de frappe, a nuclear deterrent, which at the time was considered a quintessential underpinning of superpower status.
    • Cdr Lister has joined an elite band of men at the helm of Britain's nuclear deterrent.


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