Traducción de detestation en Español:


aversión, n.

Pronunciación /ˌditɛˈsteɪʃ(ə)n//ˌdiːtɛˈsteɪʃ(ə)n/



  • 1

    aversión femenino
    odio masculino
    • It is the very things upon which the Left most congratulates itself that inspire the deepest detestation of Islamic extremists.
    • She is a poet whose poetic stimuli most often arise from friendship and, in a few striking cases, detestation.
    • Celebrate our Australianness by showing our usual mistrustful, self-deprecating, egalitarian, good-natured detestation of all such symbols of overt self-glorification.
    • He's balanced in his acknowledgement of the world's brutality and his detestation of its cruelty.
    • Authentic feelings, in much shorter supply on the campaign trail, tend to be limited to two - a hunger for victory, and bitter detestation of anyone who might get in the way.
    • Behind this mentality lies the progressive lobby's detestation of nationhood and Orwellian aspiration to world government.
    • His loathing of Moguls surpassed even his detestation of Uzbeks, Shias, Afghans and assorted infidels.
    • She had not even spoken a word, and yet, Ashley could not help her intense feelings of detestation for her.
    • Ironically, the events of 9/11 and their sequel have catalysed, rather than retarded, the hardening of mutual distrust into mutual detestation.
    • By contrast, the Trades Union Congress, driven by detestation for fascism, was more robust.
    • His personal history is inspiring, as is his intellectual brilliance, knowledge of and detestation of fascism, communism and morally repugnant capitalism.
    • But today we're nonplused by the phenomenon that a good number of students, rather than enjoying the sublime happiness supposed to be provided by education, do not hide their detestation for it.
    • He cannot believe why a human being would show so much detestation for another human being, who has not even spoken or looked at him.
    • But if you go downtown, Wolf, the detestation of what you see in these pictures is still so evident and it will be so for quite some time.
    • And now, when many of its previous supporters have abandoned it in favour of implied rights theory, I find myself hating it just as much as ever, with a cold, dismissive detestation.
    • And they have lately become very vocal about their detestation of ordinary people.
    • Sometimes American policy has been inferior to that of many French people - one might instance Roosevelt's detestation of de Gaulle.
    • Yesterday's set of exquisitely correct opinions concluded with a statement about his gut-wrenching detestation of war.
    • With a deep and abiding detestation of competitive sports, he was naturally bookish.
    • But it seems to me that there might be something else at work as well, the residue of a deeper and much older detestation.