Traducción de detriment en Español:


detrimento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛtrəmənt//ˈdɛtrɪm(ə)nt/



  • 1

    detrimento masculino
    perjuicio masculino
    to the detriment of sb/sth en detrimento / perjuicio de algn/algo
    • detriment to sth perjuicio para algo
    • without detriment to his health sin perjuicio para su salud
    • Our real task is to maintain this position of disparity without detriment to our national security.
    • The one person is there in whom God and man are one, without detriment to one or the other.
    • To the detriment of facts and objective analysis, speech that is normally confined to the private world is now rampant in the public one.
    • This can be done without detriment to Israel and probably to its long-term benefit.
    • It is a pity that they should wish to finance this by selling land for speculative building development to the detriment of our environment.
    • When are we going to learn in this country that placating the minority to the detriment of the law-abiding community will only end in chaos?
    • This is the activity that sucks up my time to the detriment of other things.
    • She says they will work to the detriment of people who work in the sugar fields and factories and to the detriment of the environment.
    • This must represent the child's presumed will and may be revoked at any time without detriment to the child.
    • Much of this work is often done in their free time, outside of normal working hours and to the detriment of family and personal commitments.
    • It is not that this principle is wrong, but that the pursuit of it is most often being done to the detriment of others as we can see quite often.
    • Mislabelling is an unpleasant example of the way retailers force their way between customers and producers to the detriment of both.
    • They are people who have focused on their career to the detriment of their relationships, so they don't see that this is a challenge to do at all.
    • Once again, agriculture was used to solve social problems to the detriment of the industry.
    • In fact, bigger players pitted themselves against smaller players, much to the detriment of the sector.
    • Unfortunately adults tend to take this provision for granted to the detriment of the survival of the Youth Club.
    • The reports also criticised the fact that too much public focus goes on asylum seekers to the detriment of migrants.
    • I do love what I do, sometimes to the detriment of me as a person.
    • By holding on to the bulk of the land to the detriment of the millions of suffering peasants, the white farmers were made to look greedy and callous.
    • Machinery has replaced a lot of the labour, to the detriment of the social aspects of working on the land.